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Adam lambert sucks

Queenzone Discussion QueenZone discussion Queen and Adam Labmert could make history. Queen and Adam Labmert could make history theherb

Adam Lambert Sucks

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Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by tonycJun 26, Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Southeast London, UK. Last edited: Jun 27,

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I have been atoning for that musical folly ever since. Notify me of new posts via. Their choice has allowed Queen to tour the world again for the last 8 years, selling out arenas wherever they go.


Your review is very good. Like Liked by 2 people. I was blown away. The uncle was a good sport when, weeks later, she played it for him. You are commenting using your Facebook. Thanks for the he up. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Is it obvious though? The left that night and the next day we walked to Tower Records and bought the album. I had not seen the documentary and now I was curious to see it. Actually, with Freddie Mercury, he was one of the most representative rock bands. I will check out the doc. You are commenting using your Google .

Notify me of new comments via. But anyone who says Adam Lambert is a bad singer is either deaf or stupid. Great review! And they have.

Like Liked by 4 people. I am fucking tired of that shit. Imagine being disappointed by Under Pressure. I watched the show on Netflix on Saturday evening. It has no sense of passion or soul.

required Address never made public. The film propelled Bohemian Rhapsody to 2 on the charts 17 years after its first release. I saw this over the weekend and loved it. My father is right all along. Impressed that she was interested in opera, he have her the cash. Go listen to your Taylor Swift records snowflake.

This sound like a good one. Many great bands continue to tour long past their prime, eventually becoming a sort of cover band of themselves. A LOT. He is a confident performer in his own right, and May and Taylor seem re-energized in rediscovering their old hits with him, old hits that, like me, Lambert has grown up just knowing. Whoa, dude, calm down.

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Really, like the fact that they hired a pedophile to tell their life story and the story of their old friend and make it boring? Is there any band with better live backing vocals? So easy. His vocals are phenomenal. Whoa… how am I homophobic just because I think Lambert fucking sucks?

In which he was introduced. I pity you that you are so without grace, generosity, and good taste. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Like Liked by 1 person. How is that homophobic? Blew me away how good they still are.

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Adam Lamebert still fucking sucks. Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest.

Like Like. As a kid I probably thought it was specifically written for hockey. Like Liked by 3 people. But in the band got an even bigger boost from a different Canadian export, Mike Myers.

This documentary covers a lot of ground. And as you say, the show must continue with the new member Lambert. I watched the documentary. the conversation on Youtube!

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Yeah but on national TV and forcing someone to do it? Adam Lambert fits just right in as their new lead singer.

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May and Taylor could play again, in tribute to their friend of course, but also because this was their music too, their passion. What a joy to see Brian and Roger at the top of their game along with Lambert out front and the other talented members of the band.

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It was a nice way for new fans and old fans to appreciate Queen once again. You are commenting using your Twitter. Name required. This would prove a wise and prophetic move: Queen never tried to replace the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury. Mercury was a flamboyant showman on the stage, an inimitable presence with an incredible voice. I heard him sing in the documentary. Their set at the Live Aid concert is basically the most ificant live performance of all time. They never wallpapered over their past. Like Liked by 5 people.

Our opinions don't stink!

I have no patience for it. When he died inthe band more or less died with him; his bandmates were his friends, and they needed to mourn him away from the music. But Queen knew a winner when it saw one.

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And in regards to Queen. Brian and Roger knew what they were doing when they hired him. Fans could enjoy the music they loved without feeling their Mercury had been replaced.

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And I enjoyed his sound so I checked him out on YouTube later. There is no besting Freddie Mercury of course, which is why I think Queen has been so smart to not replace him with another lead singer, but to tour featuring guest stars.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Adam Lambert is the perfect choice and when I saw them last year, they were amazing. I kind of lost interest in Queen when Freddy died, but this looks interesting. By the early s, Queen was one of the biggest stadium rock bands in the world.