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Amy johnston fight

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Amy Johnston Fight

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Whether she is doubling for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, or starring in projects of her own, Amy Johnston is a cinematic force to be reckoned with. Daughter of Kickboxing champion Dave Johnston, Amy has been working steadily as a stunt performer, supporting actress and star in many great martial arts action films.

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Amy and I worked together for years at a fitness studio in Calgary.

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Miguel Ferrer is a rising director with experience lending his electric visual style to films, commercials, and music videos! An amazing double-bill with two talents in the action genre! The conversation explores learning opportunities for teachers and students, through placements, residencies and early career employment, and brings to light the value of investing in the knowledge of teacher for the learning benefit of future generations.

What future projects is she looking forward to? Latest 9 Oct Updated Daily.

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Miguel Ferrer. Did this turn into an Izzy interview the last few minutes?!? Amy Johnston s us to chat about he martial arts industry and being a stuntwoman. Amy Johnston, Rockhampton Museum of Art Curatorial Programs Officer, chats with photographer Jayne Cho about making the leap from photographic practitioner to arts education, as Jayne took on the role of artist educator with Rockhampton Art Gallery in The conversation explores what this leap way like for Jayne, and how the prepared and made this successful career move.

Amy Johnston 15 Podcast Episodes.

Talking with amy johnston

Please be sure to follow Amy Johnston on Twitter and Instagram amyejohnston. Jayne is a family photographer living and working regionally, travelling as required wherever her photography practice takes her. Rockhampton Museum of Art Curatorial Programs Officer chats with Paige Hennessey about teaching the arts and the next generation of artists and arts works. Let's find out!!! Amy is one of the coolest and sweetest lady's I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you go to subscribe! We spoke about so much, but what really spoke to me is her attention to detail and her ability to help so many people change their lives.

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Jayne speaks to her passion for documenting people and places, and how this has taken her and her young family to South Korea. She now helps women of all ages achieve their goals through her online platform a lot of people aren't ready to go back to a gym just yet.

Dolph Lundgren shows up as the girls' wrongly imprisoned father who assists his daughters on the inside! Amy Johnston Enters the Room Hitting current events like no other!

Most Popular. Weekly hand curated podcast episodes for learning Subscribe. Funny, Intelligent, Beautiful, and Lethal. Amy Johnston is an accomplished martial artist, stuntwoman, and actress who's been training in the film industry for well over ten years! And when these two forces, the are extremely badass!

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Our next show will be This episode is brought to you by Darn Good Yarn!!! Major thanks to both Amy Johnston and Miguel Ferrer for their time.

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The lovely Amy Johnston sits down to discuss her entire career. Visit megaphone.

Jayne takes photos of people and nature - particularly people experiencing nature. Zara Phythian. Amy Johnston.

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Cynthia Rothrock. These ladies jpoined me to talk about the role and impact of women in martial arts and action cinema.

Sarah Chang. Similar People. Try it today!!! Paige is a Visual Arts Teacher and in this conversation we look at her career, and how living by the mantra of still learning and a driven advocate for arts education now sees Paige supporting the arts learning of students at North Rockhampton High School.

Also, please check out her Youtube channel, especially her Youtube series, Hero Training featuring insight and secrets on the action and stunt business! On this month's special interview episode, we're discussing the martial arts fighting flick, Female Fight Squad! I appreciated her energy, her connection with people and her ability to keep smiling.

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She talks about her ways of staying sane and healthy in our current situation. How do you get into the stunt game in Hollywood? Video Game captures, stunts in Marvel and DC films among others to leading lady.

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Action fans, martial arts fans, and nerds everywhere will love this one. Female Fight Squad tells the story of Rebecca, a former fighter who's lured back into the world of underground fighting in order to help her sister pay off some debts. Get your drink, sit down, and enjoy the ride!!

Your Queue. It's a fun action-packed film, and the podcast is featuring not just one discussion, but TWO! Amy Johnston, the lead in Female Fight Squad and Miguel Ferrer, the film's director, were both gracious enough to sit down and chat! Twitter - www. With international travel not a possibility inJayne tells of some of her create endeavours that are keeping both her and her family engaging with photography in this changing time.