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Are skinny legs attractive

Science has put the age old question to bed and, boys, you don't have to work so hard on those muscles. But short legs were linked to diabetesheart diseasehigh blood pressure and dementia - so instinct tells women to steer clear of that gene pool. Before all you tall blokes start jumping for joy, being too tall — or lanky like a giraffe — is also thought to be a of poor genes.

Are Skinny Legs Attractive

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Not how it works.

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Original post by almosttrue After being in a pub and hearing a table of men talk about sexy legs it got me thinking. You can personalise what you see on TSR. Tell us a little about yourself to get started. Talk relationships.

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GCSE home and forums. Student Surveys and Research. Report 9 years ago Any tall woman can have long, skinny legs. Subjects A-G. Subject H-Z. Freshers home.

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Other interests. Felchingman Badges: 7. Frank Nero Badges: 6. TSR apps. Can't find any interesting discussions? They just have to have a certain shape and complexion.

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Subjects A-F. Subjects G-Z. Careers home and forums. Study forums. Part-time and temporary employment. Leg men Go to first unread. Personal statement.

Chicken legs, unibrows, smelly feet, and more that make her cringe.

Report Thread starter 9 years ago 1. Popular study forums. What would you like to say?

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Everyday issues. Smooth, well defined but not excessively muscular - definitely do not have to be long, some of the sexiest legs I've ever seen have been on short girls. Report 9 years ago 6. Hair is bad.


Popular now. Student life. Student Finance England. Original post by Will :D prepare for generic answer Report 9 years ago 5.

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Popular university forums. Are thick thighs attractive if they are not fat or is it only slim ones? Start new discussion. up.

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Home and forums. Subjects A-H. Subjects I-Z. A-level home and forums. I'd always disliked my chunky thighs but current bf is definitely a leg guy and seems to love them! Smooth legs with good skin doesn't have to be white, black, tanned or pale, but just good healthy skin with muscular calves and hamstring development drives me wild.

Skinny legs images

Report 9 years ago 4. Report 9 years ago 3. Log in.

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Report 9 years ago 2. It's such a turn on, for so many reasons. University Life. Update your preferences. Careers advice. Your discussion will live here Start typing, we will pick a forum for you. Uni home and forums. EU Students. Report 9 years ago 9. News forums. Further information. More industry forums. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships.

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Chat forums. Guides and tools.

And what exactly does it mean to be a “leg man”?

Actually, I prefer girls with shorter legs. Josh93 Badges: Report 9 years ago 8.

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Will :D Badges: 5. After being in a pub and hearing a table of men talk about sexy legs it got me thinking. View un-answered posts.

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Ask a question. Popular freshers articles. Entertainment forums. Forums by section. As long as they're firm no fatI love legs. It's hard to say really. Industry forums. I'm 5'2, have short legs and am a size 12 because I'm pear shaped. Not what you're looking for?

This is what makes a man attractive to women – and it’s all about the length

News and lifestyle forums. But then again I could write for ages about any part of the female body, women are beautiful. Skip to :. Friends, family and work.

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Report 9 years ago 7. That doesn't attract me. Really hard to say in fact.

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