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Confessions of a serial cheater

Part of me is madly in love with you.

Confessions Of A Serial Cheater

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Many cheaters are in fact in love with their partner and feel extremely guilty about what has happened. Sometimes, when people are separated by distance or tempted by an opportunity that is too difficult to resist, cheating can happen regardless of how strong a relationship is. Particularly for guys, but women as well, sometimes the urge to be fulfilled is too great to overcome.

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The key to maintaining a secret affair lies in communicating with your extramarital partner about when you absolutely cannot see or speak to them. Which might be why this one woman has decided to keep her infidelity habits a secret from her husband.

Confessions of a serial cheater

We grew distant and eventually neither of us could be bothered to put any effort into our marriage. A few years into her marriage, she found herself feeling bored and underappreciated, and she craved a way to feel sexy and wanted once more. I prefer hotels with my ongoing meetups.

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Finding a suitable time that works for both parties is vital to keep everything a secret. URL Copied!

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I can be the mum and wife who is needed at home. My marriage had plateaued; it was flat, boring and mundane.

Confessions of a serial cheater

stories from TheLatch— and follow us on Facebook. Late nights… early mornings… sometimes you just avoid going where people expect you to be. I ed Ashley Madison in and have since been able to rebuild my confidence and self-esteem. Christine not her real name is a year-old retail assistant living in New South Wales.

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Confessions of a serial cheater

On a mission to maintain her marriage and yet still find the excitement and affection she craved, Christine ed extramarital dating website Ashley Madisonwhere she has since engaged in a of affairs. My husband and I were missing the excitement and fun together and I wanted to feel sexy again, but he was too involved with his phone and I felt lost and unloved.

We work through tough situations well.

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I feel sexy and wanted now. When exposed, the revelation that one person is engaging in an affair can cause intense emotional pain for both parties and contribute to a breakdown of marriages and long-term relationships.