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Dark souls 3 soul of a firekeeper

Dark Souls 3 embraces the inevitable death of all things, firmly transitioning out of the Age of Fire and into a new era determined by the player. While Souls games have always featured multiple endings, Dark Souls 3 has the most with a total of four — all of which different shades of dour.

Dark Souls 3 Soul Of A Firekeeper

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With four different endings — against two endings each on both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II — Dark Souls III gives players enough tools to scrutinize its convoluted lore and find at least partial truths amidst a crumbling world.

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I've done it on every playthrough with no repercussions.

Dark souls remastered fire keeper souls locations

I'm playing in korean and the item is named Defiled Firekeeper soulThis with the description suggest that the Firekeeper actually absorb the players dark sigils which makes me think twice about healing it. Like a Fire Keeper that we've seen in any of the games?

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So that. Soul of a Fire Keeper who is said to have returned from the Abyss.

Fire keeper soul

This Fire Keeper preserves the bonfire, and serves its champion. Or is it just some random? Giving the soul does not End Yuria's quest. Search .

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VIP to remove all and videos. Another piece of trivia you should add: the corpse you get the item from resembles the firekeeper.

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Curing your sigils removes one of the three possible outcomes of your playthrough. Is there anyway I can get it back? And yet, her soul will one day embed itself in the bosom another Fire Keeper. In Help Out. Toggle .

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This item is pointless if you can buy a ring for a tenth if the cost that basically has the same effect. Y'all can edit something out if you find it to be false you know, just leave a note in the comments for future reference.

Eyes of a fire keeper

the discussion Tired of anon posting? This does not end Yuria's quest.

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Submit Submit Close. Firekeeper soul in my second character playthrough is completely absent, I bought the tower key, went up the tower and there was no item pickup on the dead FireKeepers body.

A world shaped by the firelinking cycle

Removed unfounded speculation and subsequent disconfirming of speculation. I don't know if anybody else has come across this but I have a feeling it's because the only person I have in my Firelink Shrine is greirat. All other members you meet throughout the game are still in their spots.

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I accidentally killed my firekeeper after giving her the soul? Load more.

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She is said to have soothed and accepted the dark sigil, which has tainted her soul. Does anyone know who's soul this is? I don't know if that has something to do with it but I can't find anywhere else where it was reported that the firekeeper soul is just nonexistent in a playthrough.

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I used my fire keeper soul because I thought it was like any other soul, what should I do? Nothing in life is free, not even the levels Yoel offers. However, healing the dark sigil via the soul WILL end the quest.

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