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Divinity original sin smelly panties

It doesn't play like it, it doesn't particularly look like it, but it has at least a piece of that game's soul embedded at its core, throbbing with a pleasing hum. This is something it shares with the original Divine Divinity, which won many hearts ineven with its awful name.

Divinity Original Sin Smelly Panties

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Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe this tale will not only entertain you, but light a fire in your nethers that burns with a thousand suns! He will distract people by chatting them up while my shadowblade, Morticia, will rifle through their pockets and houses, scavenging anything of value and sometimes, such as in this case, anything that reeks of entertainment. Upon entering her house, Jayce talks to her and while he has her attention, I sleuth my way through a locked door and into her bedroom.

Years: 20
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What is my sex: Female
What is my hair: Golden
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In my spare time I love: Painting

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One objective says "Find the Poem hidden in the chest at the crime scene. The captain did nothing and now I'm back to the exact same quest lines as before I got the book and related Some clarifying points I've discovered on my playthrough. In Help Out. Toggle .

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I don't get it, I have been lost in this damn town for 10 hours trying to figure it out. Finally went in the back door, got the book and dagger, talked to Esmeralda then Captain Aureus.

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Load more. I discovered you can also get jakes dog to smell various items so you can find the murderer that way to.

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Submit Submit Close. Search. The book is located on the desk at the back door, not in the room with the hatch.

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the discussion Tired of anon posting? You must complete this quest in order to progress the main storyline and complete A Mysterious Murder.

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Thus the smelly panties in Esmerelda's house. VIP to remove all and videos. If you have the Pet Pal perk and talked to Jakes Dog near his grave you'll also have to loot the Panties in the chest near the bed upstairs and take it to jake to smell.