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F2f tf captions

Tuesday, 15 October The Reluctant Husband. Labels: f2fmorph.

F2f Tf Captions

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My stories, F2F, Bimbo transformation, corruption, bitchy transformation and possibly some reblogs in the future.

What is my age: 24
Orientation: Man
Tint of my eyes: Clear brown eyes
I like: Sailing

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Kayle once more found herself immobilized, but this time she was staring into the Dark Witch's eyes. The White Witch began to transform the longer they kissed.

Her ass swelled and her belly toned. Lips met and immediately Kayla's mind was filled with corrupting thoughts. Her thighs thickened as well and she lost a bit of height. Her thighs grew to match her new ass and her hair turned dark and grew a few inches before being tied into an elegant loose bun. She broke many marriages.

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Her will was weakened until the artifact called for her to free the being within, so it may give her what she truly desired. Darkness seeped out of her and formed a dress on her body. Her hair turned a shade whiter anf her face morphed slowly. She was brash, rude and stingy about money. Sydney was a shy church girl that F2f well loved by her community. All of which started to erode when this particular artifact was brought into the tower. You and I my dear pet are going to have so much fun bringing in an era of darkness. Right before her eyes she watched her apprentice break the seal and then the artifact.

The Dark Witch teased and the White witch growled in anger. But the caption stopped before it touched the woman and turned to water. A lewd moan fell from her lips as her tits began to tingle.

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In her anger she shot a ball of fire towards the woman. The mockery was followed by the same spell Kayla had used. But this version was dark and powerful. She sent lewd pics to men and brought them to her home to fuck. Andrea gained a few inches in height, her hips flaring out and sides caving in. Especially Sydney the goodie two shoes.

She wanted to ruin her. Inside was a silver cross pendant that she immediately put on and loved it.

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Andrea's hands ran down Kayla's sides, forming perfect curves on her body. The corruption had set in. The reality had set for them all but her. The newly made woman spoke, looking at her reflection fondly. Her hips spread and belly drew inside. Her legs toned out and gained a bit more thickness. She helped those that needed her and donated to charities left and right. Kathy was the complete opposite of Sydney.

It wasn't anything unusual to have dark objects be brought to cleanse by the white witch. The Dark Witch cooed as she pulled the Witch Witch to her feet. As Andrea watched the corruptive aura of the artifact surround her, she couldn't help but think back. She also became a pornstar, rising to fame quickly and gaining a lot of money.

The words were followed by a mocking laugh from the woman that only enraged the witch witch. A seductive smirked appeared on her face when she saw the expression on the witch's face.

Let me show you what power is. Boobs squished against one another and Kayla's grew to almost match Andrea's size. She was now the opposite of what she used to be and she thrived on it. And then she watched the darkness her Andrea from her, turning her into a succubus like creature.

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She wanted to learn magic so that she could be the shield between the darkness and humanity. Everlasting pleasure. She put her hands over them and began to massage them as they grew in her grip. She grew taller, gaining a few inches.

In the end Andrea had given in, she broke the seal and broke the artifact. Clothes ripped off her body soon as her proportions became too much to hold back. Her petite form began to change. Maybe just putting your head down and following the rules should have been just find. She could smell the corruption that oozed off the woman. Slowly the dark aura ate away at her own and took it's place, changing her body to it's likings.

She had not noticed that the cross was actually upside down and when she slept woth it, all it's darkness seeped into her. But she couldn't take her eyes off of those godly tits. Shock was what the white witch Kayla felt. Sydney one day found a neatly wrapped box outside her door one night while coming back home from church.

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Her hair became longer and her face morphed into a totally different one. Her lips became plump and slowly her face morphed. It was one of her many duties. But she couldn't move. The white witch had sealed it away from the very day to let it's powers wane and make the purification ritual easier.

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Andrea pulled back and giggled at the sight of the new Kayla. The kiss only broke for a second because Kayla pulled her back in hungrily. She was called by it, it made her see so many kinds of dreams that each time she woke up blushing and needing to change her panties. From it a dark smoke erupted and seeped into the girl through her skin, her mouth, her nose, her ears.

But little did she know what that was. Sydney from the town's sweet loving girl, became the town harlot. The Dark Witch stepped forward and Kayla's eyes were drawn to her breasts, bare to her eyes and jiggling with each step she took. Kathy too was enjoying it all. She was the gem of the town and every one loved her. Kayla's hips flared out and her ass grew to match them. Kayle was blasted into the shelves behind her, a groan falling from her lips in pain. Maybe playing around with the dark artifact hadn't been the best of choices. No one liked her and she didn't like them back.

She bought herself a new house and a new wardrobe and everything in her life changed. Her ass plumped out and whatever fat she had vanished. Her clothes ripped off her body F2f her body grew, her nude form being exposed to the chilled air. Slowly that new lifestyle was all she had. She sent it to Mr. Dowse who lived next door.

She heard a faint caption and turned to see the white witch there. Yet even while sealed the artifact had put a marker on Andrea. Andrea The Dark Witch explored Kayla The White Witch's body, groping her tits, massaging her ass, rubbing her thighs through her clothes.

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She took it in and opened it up. Her rib clung to her skin and her boobs grew to fake sizes and shape. The man appeared not long after and Sydney was fucked all through the morning and evening. Slowly her mind was drawing a blank the more those boobs jiggled.

Without even realizing Kayla's jaws hung open and there was a bit of drool coming out of her mouth. She wanted to be a healer, a person who could help people who are in need.

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You're so weak master. But this one was unlike any other, carved to look like a woman with the figure of a seductress or a succubus. Andrea was a novice witch, working under the tutelage of the white witch.

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All but one.