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Fallout 4 bloodworm

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Fallout 4 Bloodworm

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lovely biatch Dorothy

Forum thread. Or are they now Diggerworms.

lonely personals Sasha

That is what i find strange as they are in game called bloodworms. Fittingly named bloodworms with this retexture.

damsel Aniya

Not much texture detail on them. I try to make them more a worm and harder to see on the sand. Hmmmm, was the first idea from Bethesda to use Digger worms but later named them Bloodworms or are they both exact the same.

black girl Sara

I know why, but when i look into the folders i see different names, some assets called bloodworm and some as diggerworms. I wonder, some assets say clearly Digger worm, but all the rest is Blood worm.

lovely singles Addison

Those critters make good mellee practice. Xazomn premium 6, posts kudos. Not done yet, still need some teeth and spikes and a extra layer for more detail on the skin, forgot to add it with the picture.

talent ladies Luisa

Just noticed that :D. Blooworms seems fitting, that strong red color looks great on them.

damsel women Marlowe

SomewhatWindy premium 12, posts kudos. More images View more from er.

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Yeoldewar premium posts 9 kudos. Marcurios supporter 2, posts kudos. Image information Added on 07 July PM. ed by Xazomn. Okay were was i, oh i like to show a screen of my first digger I always found them dull.

cutie girl Zoya