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Girls who like to wear diapers

But I'm not. I'm saying I need to go grab my diapers that I wear.

Girls Who Like To Wear Diapers

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I am a girl 16 and i like wearing cloth diapers and cute plastic pants to be cute and girly! I wear them for easter,christmas,weddings,etc and around the house and sometimes to bed.

Years old: 19
Where am I from: I'm british
My sexual identity: I love male

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But take heart-there are still those of us out there who won't think you a freak for enjoying dropping a load in your pants-we actually find it to be charmingly uninhibited. I'm not huge on the ab thing, I'm more of a toddler myself when I do tap into that side, otherwise I'm strictly DL. He we are all different here so welcome. I must admit a good poo is a great thing but a turn on, nope. There are not people that are exactly the same, it's just not a reality. My Mom's reaction was to teach me to pin on my own gauze diapers. Welcome to the board.

beautiful female Gwendolyn

Ok so I like to wear diapers which is why I'm here. Whenever they have girls or women its only because they're doing sexual things for the men. I felt like I was defective, and wrong. All are accepted in our little community.

Girls, do girls wear diapers?

I was 26 before I knew there are many adults who wear diapers for pleasure. I have a tint bladder, so it all worked out. I've been in your shoes many times when I've looked at myself and thought what am I doing, I feel like a freak. At puberty I reverted to bedwetting. I was devastated when they were taken away and that is what I think made me a DL. There are also plenty of ladies here and around the 'net that are like you.

Diapergirl stories

Ever since I could remember back in my childhood I liked the look,feel and convenience of them. Peeing in diapers doesn't excite me much either its mostly just pooping in diapers that I like which seems to be something most people with diaper fetishes totally avoid. I've liked diapers from my very first memory in life, and yes, I too felt like a freak.

black mom Alexandra

Then she took me to a good urologist, just to be sure I had no serious illness. Hi, I know what you're going through, we all do on this site. There are lots of us around we may not be as open about our liking for nappies as the guys but weaare here.

tight milf Elyse

I've liked them for as long as I can remember for whatever reason. It seems to me that everytime a girl is on the boards they get inidated with requests for pics, dates or something else. Girls, you're slackin! I cope by doing AB play to relax after work.

She likes to live like a baby, wear diapers and drink from a bottle. she posted her case to stop the harassment

A third paert of this is as men we are conditioned to not share our emotions with one another in the real world so when it comes to exploring our "softer" side on the internet we tend to let the freeak out wherever and whenever we can. Don't worry, be happy. How do you feel about anal? The problem is most of my fellow men are a tad overzealous, aka horny when a woman is on the boards. So let your hair hang down, mess your diaper, and come us on the boards Im sure you'll feel comfortable here.

You are in your own privacy, wearing some paper and cloth underwear. I relish the opportunity everyday.

beautiful female Parker

Sure, not everyone enjoys poop, but sooner or later you'll find a cool guy or girl, or a Freshly-Minted Mr Sister, etc who would LOVE to change your poopy pants and make all your dreams come true. As I understand it, there's a G-spot in the anus-region, which, in many individuals, has a pretty pleasurable sensation when having a bowel movement.

Why do teen girls wear diapers? does it feel good?

I certainly did I was into diapers from my early teens, and started wearing when I got to college. Most people seem to just like peeing. As far as being an ab, there are a few of the girls on this site who I am sure will introduce themselves to you.

lonely moms Winter

The other thing is I'm a girl and a teenage girl at that. Women are conditioned to share with each other emotionally so there is less need or desire to so online, but I assure you that you are not a feeak for simply having a fetish and you are not alone. This in men being more direct and abrupt about our needs or wants.

Why do women wear diapers?

In case you are interested I run a blog about www. Its just the diapers. As far as what you do with the diapers, yes, most of us prefer wetting them, as that is what they are primarily deed for, but there are plenty of people who do both wet and messsome who prefer to mess, and some who don't like to use the diapers at all, just wear them. Women are conditioned as children to be passive or at least passive-aggressive where as men are taught to take charge and take what we want. Basically all the diaper fetish sites I've seen so far have been full of nothing but adult men.

Society is what creates the stigma and decides what is normal and what is not but in reality there is no such thing as normal when you're comparing people because everyone is different. I am your age and I also have pretty much always liked diapers. You just have to embrace your feelings and embrace what you are and who you are because in reality you're really not doing anything out of the norm when you really think about it.

I find Men do find it more of a sexual thing, But for me it's a feeling of security and being loved I like, I also use My nappies like a baby for everything, Luckily I have a sweet hubby who looks after me and who does not mind my dirty nappies, I'm sure there are other teenage girls who enjoy this as much as you do.

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I consider myself lucky that normally I can control my bowels. You definitely are not a freak. It's not necessarily because they're enjoying it although it does feel great to take a good poop, eh?

passion latina Sloane

So I'm asking you all am I really the only teenage girl in the world who likes to just wear diapers and poop in them only??? Welcome to the site, onlygirl.

married moms Jillian

I just like diapers and thats it. Good friends of mine prefer DL. Personally I avoid pooping in my gauze diapers, because washing out mess takes time. So when I discovered my first diaper fetish site through google on total accident a few years ago I was schocked to find that there are other people like me but I still feel like a freak. Would you believe that some guys get HUGE raging hard-ons when taking a dump?

Most helpful girls

My family is diaper-friendly. Well hello there, let me welcome you to the boards. So that is when I wear tape-on plastic-backed adult diapers to bed. You might as well embrace who you are because there's nothing wrong with who you are.

horny madam Elliot

Good luck. You're going to scare her away with stuff like that.

tight mom Irene

Another more complex answer to the question is that as men we are honestly more open to expressing our sexual desires then women are. As many have already said, we almost all did at one point in our lives.

Why do teen girls wear diapers? does it feel good?

When I am sick I know I cannot always avoid runny poop. Your not alone - so be happy And your certainly not a freak Geez, there's how many girls on this site and I'm only the second one to reply? You'll feel better in the long run also. It was amazing to me then to find out that I wasn't alone when I was That's when I heard about DPF.

Now that I've found there are so many others out there like me it gives me comfort, and helps me to live a more care free life, because I'm NOT a freak, I'm just different. To answer your question, there are tons of women that are into the fetsh. Being a baby or playing with baby things like it seems most people with diaper fetishes enjoy does NOT excite me at all. Don't worry about feeling odd and out of place, or feeling like freak.

married babes Jianna

Besides I've noticed here and at other fetish sites that they embrace difference because even here no one is exactly the same with their own fetishes and desires. I'm not like other diaper fetish type people. My wife wanted a man that wore diapers and things worked out well for us.