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High tension masturbation scene

This just in: women masturbate!

High Tension Masturbation Scene

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Frankly, I can think of few more drearily nasty — and spectacularly amateurish — movies than Last House on the Left. The screenplay is something else again. The plot itself is simple to the point of being almost nonexistent. Ah, but it transpires that the French countryside is just as inhospitable a place as anything rural America has to offer — witness the bulky gent Philippe Nahon, I Stand Alone in the really beat up van.

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The gore, the women, the action, the suspense and the car chase scene very well done.

This is bloody and violent. Boy, was I not disappointed. This twist is getting a little tired and overused. Marie has a crush on her best friend Alex. It's an ultra-violent French horror and fairly effective as a brutal blood fest. I just had to see this earlier film, which came recommended to me from some of the most trusted people in my circle of horror buffs.

But Marie is one of the strongest I've seen, not just avoiding death but always being right in the thick of it. I think once you see that, it really sets the tone. And, even if you accept the tension plot turn, you've got to wonder about the filmmakers' masturbation. This is called the "final girl" scene. The film is high and repulsive, which is fine on one end but it doesn't mix too well with the other. Alex's father answers the door and is killed. The film works as a throwback to the 's exploitation in the fact that it's very gritty, features some nudity, it's perverted and has all sorts of gore.

All I will say is that some will love it, some will hate it, and it may or may not make sense for everyone. My only concern was with the ending, which I can't go into here.

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In. The violence is so strong and graphic that, to me, it takes away what's "fun" about a horror film. My vote is eight. I enjoyed the very subtle lesbian vibe the film gave off. Was this review helpful? Well, maybe not subtle.

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As for the ending, I don't buy the excuses made by some of the members at this very forum. It becomes a little more clear towards the end, but keeping me and the audience guessing was a nice touch. One by one, her family is slaughtered. I think it tries to go for scares ala The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but the gore really stands in the way, although the effects are great. Then there comes the twist. However, after the surprising twist where the identity of the killer is disclosed, I found "Haute Tension" an excellent horror movie, with a brilliant screenplay, actually one of the best in the slash genre ever.

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All of this stuff is fine but when it comes to violence I think there's a very fine line that you can't cross and this film crosses that line way too many times. Worth a second and third viewing beyond a doubt. One good thing you can say about this film, by director Alexandre Aja with Gregory Levasseur, is that you can watch it in any language thus, the original French is preferred and still understand everything there is to understand.

The beginning of "Haute Tension" is similar to other slash movies, with a sadistic murderer slashing the whole family including the little boy and the dog.

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The partying students are planning to study, though Ms. Sadly, Ms. Le Besco isn't tempted to go girl-on-girl with her friend. I'm still left with some questions. I thought the ending tries way too hard to be a "great trick ending" that it shoots itself in the foot. They arrive late and they are welcomed by Alexia's father.

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For fans of Intensity, it's a particularly frustrating experience: not just because the Koontz receives absolutely no credit for his work, but also because Aja's handling of the author's material is so good. But later that night, a serial rapist and killer breaks into the home to kill the family like he's done to many families before.

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But he doesn't know this new girl Marie is in the house Alexandre Aja is a name to watch. But I was under the impression from the very beginning there was a lesbian vibe and I think this played out well. Everybody is sleeping while Marie masturbates.

Marie goes unnoticed by the killer and sneaks onto the truck.

Unfortunately, she is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. It's not that well constructed in this case. It's bloodthirsty serial killer Philippe Nahon as Le tueur! If only Aja had adapted the whole of Koontz's book preferably with the author's approvalwe might have had one of the greatest horror movies of all time; instead, we get an hour of absolutely stonking stuff the opening home invasion, in particular, is flawlessly handled and amazingly gorywhich are followed by twenty more minutes of reasonably solid cat-and-mouse action, and then that bloody awful finale.

The twist becomes something tacked on out of nowhere. If Aja keeps up his intensity from this film and from "Hills" in his future films, he's going to be one of the greats. Unfortunately, after the hour mark, director Alexandre Aja gradually steers his narrative away from Koontz's novel, presumably in a futile effort to disguise his plagiarism, and the film slowly falls apart, culminating in a ridiculous twist ending that makes a mockery of all that we have seen thus far.

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I knew at that point this film had potential. It's brutal once the blood starts splattering.

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The phone is cut. There's so much that I loved with the film but there's also way too much stuff that I didn't care for. The hype surrounding this French film was pretty high but I left with very mixed emotions. Worth a watch especially for gore-houndsbut impossible to wholeheartedly endorse. Coventry 16 February Someone rings the doorbell. High Tension Hide Spoilers.

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That concern aside, I loved this one. The tension works quite nicely throughout most of the film but I've always felt gore and scares don't mix and that's another problem. The gore is respectable.

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I enjoy horror films but if they cross that line I become a bit less interested. Marie hides from the criminal and tries to help the hysterical and frightened Alexia, chasing the maniac and disclosing his identity in the end. It doesn't reach the levels of "Hills", but there's a really great blood spray scene involving a closet and there's an oral sex scene with a decapitated head.

Late in the night, a sadistic and sick killer breaks into the farmhouse, slaughters Alexia's family including their dog and kidnaps Alexia. SnoopyStyle 30 September Marie and Alex drive to spend a couple of days on Alex's parents' farm. Two girls go to stay at one of the girl's parents' homes.

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Many horror films center around strong female le. Lesbian-tending Cecile de France as Marie gets herself invited to spend the weekend with straight pal Maiwenn Le Besco as Alexafter the latter spends a sexually satisfying evening with a one-night male pick-up.

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I might enjoy the film more on a second viewing. That doesn't stop the last act from driving a crowbar through the heart of the story, however; the film suffers from implausible story developments.

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I saw "Hills Have Eyes" before I watched this, and it blew me away. Aja takes what is best about horror and really pushes it to the absolute limit. Most of "Haute tension" needs no dialogue.

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I'd probably dislike the film even more had it not been for the good performances, great score and very good direction. Every time things started to get tense we'd get some great gore effect that really took away the scares. Alex is chained up and taken. Aja and his team will certainly satisfy your bloodlust, though. Instead, de France spies on Le Besco undressing to shower, and beds down to masturbate.

For the first sixty minutes or so, Haute Tension is an uncompromising, brutal, nerve-shredding, edge-of-the-seat thriller—not surprising since virtually every one of those minutes is a blatant steal from Dean Koontz's brilliant, brutal, nerve-shredding, edge of the seat novel Intensity.