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Hippies with dreads

Now that you have your hippy dre you of course want to know the best way to care for them. There are so many myths, rumours and so, so many different websites telling you a million different ways to look after your hair.

Hippies With Dreads

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I used to be the only 13 year old kid expert in Rastafarianism and Reggae in the US. I still appreciate it, but even at 16 I was mature enough to know that White guys can listen to Reggae but cannot hear it. Its message is simply not for White people. As a matter of fact, the Rastafarian movement could even be considered exclusive.

How old am I: I'm just over sixty
My hair: Blond
What is my body type: Fat
I prefer to drink: Liqueur

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Its a way that we be living our lives and it all lies in our hearts. I am simply pushing buttons and not really expecting anyone to tune in. I used to be the only 13 year old kid expert in Rastafarianism and Reggae in the US. I still appreciate it, but even at 16 I was mature enough to know that White guys can listen to Reggae but cannot hear it. Interesting post. The first known examples of dreadlocks were found in ancient egypt, where they were worn among royalty and commoners.

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To them, it may help them otherwise express what they cannot verbalize. Garvey, a Jamaican living in Harlem later deported from the UScalled upon Black people to return to Africa and to look towards Africa for a Black messiah. Its message is simply not for White people. Hippies with dreadlocks or any White guy with Dreadlocks is an aberration. Eventually, I realized that although the Rasta message was virtuous, their movement was exclusively directed to its own people.

The thing is, Marley was perhaps the most overtly spiritual musician of the last 50 years, along with John Coltrane. Interestingly enough, originally Bob Marley and Reggae music were not popular amongst Black Americans, but did have some following among White Americans. My locks though are an expression of my Viking heritage, not anything to do with Reggae or Rastafarianism. I do still appreciate Reggae, but definitely not religiously.

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Not only is it the typical example of when White people steal the ethnic traditions or artistic forms of non-White ethnic groups and cultures, but it is also an oxymoron. Take care! They played some music, and it was so cool. As a matter of fact, the Rastafarian movement could even be considered exclusive.

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I just find it funny watching old White hippies playing tribal drums for an all White European public thinking they are getting something authentic. I am a 19 yr old white male with dre and personally follow the rasta ways and I know that ratsafarianism does NOT exclude whites and that it all lies within your heart and what you believe. White people love to listen to Bob, but they should stop and analyze his lyrics.

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JAH love!! I do not dismiss that Rastafarianism may very much be about love and be color blind. Thanks for your input. I think both the hairstyle and musical preference are symbolic of where a particular with may be at in their lives. It is all about what one believes. Earl and Bob dread a huge spliff on the air, and lapsed into a very stoned conversation. But, at the end of the day, reggae is kind of like Christian rock but with better musicians and an attitude.

With some investigation, I discovered that dreadlocks are not unique to the rastafari. The questions is what to dre represent to the White hippie or other White people who sport them? What happened to bag pipes and clavicords? But, while Rastafarianism is an expression of Black people from the West Indies against a European religious tradition forced down their throats, there is no excuse for White Europeans or Whites anywhere to assimilate the Rasta symbolism as their own ie, Dreadlocks.

Cultures and hippies merge and borrow and grow into new cultures and traditions. There is no sepcific needs that it addresses to the white man.

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Actually, since I wrote this post this summer, I have begun to dig up all of my old reggae discs. I gather from some of your statements, that you may have heard reggae music but your not listening. Dreadlocks were also found among Celtic, Viking, and Aztec peoples. To answer your questions, JAH is in rasta the king of kings and lords of lords.

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The TTI have had white members for decades. He was complaining about them.

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To a rasta JAH is god. I miss him. Once again, I gave up my affinity for Rastarianism around the age of Rastafarianism is an exclusive religion. I have questioned these same issues — why does a white person dread and what do the members of the rasta movement feel about such people?

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It is all about what you believe in and what lies in your heart. And if they judge people because of their skin and not their character then they are more ignerant then wise. Rastas defined Babylon to be the European world that had enslaved them, and Haile Selassie as Lion of Judah was their savior as defined in Revelations If European and American Whites could have their White Jesus, then Rastas were entitled to their own messiah, in their own image.

A following for the new African king emerged in Jamaica — the Rastafarians or Rastas. Since the whole Zidane head-butt thing I have been revisiting all of the cultural arguments that I had always heard while growing up in the States.

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The popularity of the Rastafarian Movement exploded in the s and 80s, especially fomented by the likes of Bob Marley and other Reggae musicians. But the music did not speak to me and, in particular, was not meant to speak me, nor did it have any intention of speaking to me. His presence among us was a pure gift. Supposedly they were playing the drums as a spiritual ritual for the setting sun. Yes apparently you do know about the roots of rastafarianism but if you just read a little more you would have understood that in this way of life, JAH does not care what color your skin is or even what your hair looks like.

You do not have cultural ignorance because obviously you have with or learned a little about Rasta, its just you havent read into it as much. And who can blame them? Nevertheless, I do still listen to Reggae from time to time for three reasons: i the nostalgic value of listening to music from my formative years, ii the musical value of the music in itself, and iii because sometimes I enjoy listening to people who have reached their threshold of a system that represses them and call to hippie dread ie, Malcolm X or Zizou.


Rastafarianism is a form of Liberation Theolology for the West Indies. So, why are there so many White hippies in Europe with Dreadlocks? Cure me of my cultural ignorance. Have they missed the message that Rastas want to be as far away from White hippies as possible?

It doesnt matter the color of your skin man, what matters is the message and the pursuit of a better world. Filed under DigressionsEssays.

Dreadlocks aren’t just for hippies, says salon director

When ska first came out, or came to my attention, aboutit was very exciting to me. Or do hippies only see the Dreadlocks and Rastafarianism as a justification for smoking marijuana? They had been taken as slaves from their African homeland to Babylon.

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Yes, Dre were also taken for their African historical tradition they were also worn in India. Yes in the beginning rastas were against the white man and it was an all black belief, but that lasted for w very short while. Nor do I agree with you about who can listen to reggae music. As a matter of fact, the only interest any of my friends ever showed in Reggae began much later as they became interested in smoking marijuana.

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Personally, I have absolutely no problem with that. It really is great music and culturally intersting. So bascially dreadlocks have been worn by a variety of groups throughout history for a variety of social, political, and spiritual reasons and the rasta movement merely adapted an existing sympol and future groups will probably continue to adopt this type of hairstyle. But during the mid 80s dread I was with to Reggae, none of my classmates or peers had ever even heard of Bob Marley, Reggae or Rastas.

It does have its inherent values, and I respect them. What a hippie I had of rare roots albums! Other than wanting to sell albums, the Rastas do not want White people around them. No disrespect intended, you seem like a very intelligent person. Rastas found in Haile Selassie the convergence of Western Religion with an African face; in other words, a God they could relate to.

The ritual was for the sun, but the show was for the drummers.

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There are even some whites in Shashamahne. Could you please inform me then who Jah is, what practicing Rastafarianism entails, what are its tenants, and how it specifically addresses the needs of a white male? Get Locked Up! Thanks, Natasha, for your comment or for just reading.