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Hot anime girls with guns

Are you a fan of intense, nail-biting gunfights and action scenes? How about hot anime characters?

Hot Anime Girls With Guns

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The Serial Binger. Hope you enjoy the list and do mention if I missed any good character in the comments below. Infamous as Llenn, Karen is a shy girl conscious of her tall height. She is beautiful but being taller than most people around her makes her feel awkward in public. To overcome her low spirits, she shared playing virtual multiplayer games.

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But the explosion is rather ill-timed, and since Moon and Hu did most of their own stunts, both women ends up getting badly burnt in their backs, especially Hu. Seen here. Sharon will later team up with fellow action-girl actress Moon Lee a few more times in her career. Anna : The titular character is an assassin, killing machine and expert with a gun. The series could almost count as a Deconstruction of the genre, with the girls becoming badass Child Soldiers though extreme mental conditioning and Cyborgizationdrastically shortening their lifespan to the point that none of them will live to see There's a good amount of good old-fashioned ass-kicking, but the series is mostly about playing the premise for all the tragedy it's worth.

Girls with guns

Angel Terminatorsa duology of Hong Kong action films which is a spin-off from the Iron Angels trilogy, with some of the actors returning although playing different roles. Angel Of Destruction starring Maria Ford as a budding rock star-turned-soldier and killing machine. Wonder Sevenstarring Michelle Yeoh as a mobster's girlfriend who had a change of heart and ends up ing a vigilante team to take on the entire mob. Follow TV Tropes. The four girls in the D.

Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana as a girl who witnessed her parents' assassination and grows up to become a killer. Fire Phoenix starring Sibelle Hu as a soldier finding herself on the battlefields in the big city against mobsters. Golden Queens Commandoa Taiwanese Genre Mashup film involving a legion of female commandoes battling an army.

More precisely, "girl with a rifle".

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Girls in these works are about to shoot you. Most girl-with-guns films with a Western setting is likely a homage to this film. Agent mixes this with Spy Fiction.

Girls with guns

Noir Madlax El Cazador de la Bruja Gunslinger Girl though you should have known that from the title The title of the intro theme to the image album is "Ragazza Col Fucile" the trope name singularin Italian. TEN: The Secret Missionan Indonesian action film about a band of female commandos ten of them, like what the title says going on a rescue mission.

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Has a sequel 3 years later. Dirty Pair is the Trope Codifier for anime.

20 badass anime girl with gun (lethal beauty)

Pink Force Commando is a Spiritual Successor to Goldenwith the same cast, crew and setting as well as similar action scenes. It's worth noting the many shootouts, action sequences and fighting scenes occurs in the minds of its lead characters.

Practically every fighter that survives for more than a episode is a woman. Black Butterflythe protagonist being a hitwoman and professional killer sent to Taiwan in a covert mission. And there's a third movie, Naked Soldier. Silkstarriing Cec Verell as a Hawaiian cop taking on the mob. Dreaming the Reality starring Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima from the Angels series, where this time they are a pair of female assassins raised from birth to be shooters and killing machines.

Princess Madamstarring Hong Kong action queens Moon Lee and Sharon Yeung, a buddy cop film with Heroic Bloodshed elements, which culminates with both actresses killing mooks by the dozens with dual pistols.

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Girls With Guns describes a sub-genre of action media that focuses on strong female le being awesome with firearms. Yeoh gets to fire pistols while riding on a motorcycle.

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You need to to do this. Shaw Brothers have a few films in their heyday which is under this genre. Killer Angels Hot its sequel, Devil Huntersstarring Moon Lee again, where she is a tough-as-nails killer angel. Or in one case, tanks. The entire trilogy are now Cult Classic among fans of the genre. Naked Killera fanservice-laden Hong Kong movie in this genre. It was developed somewhere in the Hong Kong film industry and has since made itself a genre that is often used in anime. Fullmetal Alchemist has Lt.

Hawkeye, firing a pistol at the viewer in the opening credits. Kite and Kite Liberatortoofeaturing a pint-sized little girl as an assassin and expert with guns. Some of his works: Ghost in the Shell Appleseed Dominion Tank Police Canaan features a female assassin living in Shanghai and having to defeat an old friend who turned on her. Temptress Of A Thousand Faces has a kickass female cop taking on the with Temptress and her minions, with plenty of shootouts galore.

Get Known if you don't have an. Anime Blackhawk from Birds of Prey was the team's firearms expert. The film notably climaxes with Oshima and Leung leading an entire team of gun-totting Action Girl detectives to shoot up a triad gang. Shirow Masamune obviously has a fetish for Girls With Guns: though the guns get to play as well, the main characters in his books are usually female, and spend much of their time toting, and girl awesome with, guns.

Who do you think is the best sniper in anime?

With tri and terrorists added in the plot, plenty of shootouts follow. Possibly a fetish given how curvy the women are drawn and the fact Rei Hiroe is also a known Doujinshi artist. See also The Other Wiki 's on the subject. Aria the Scarlet Ammo features a concept named Butei "armed detective" where highschool students are trained as a middle step between cops and mercenaries.

Note that this describes a genre, not a character trope. Since the entire male human population except Yorick died anyone with a gun is this. Girls und Panzer has girls playing with very big guns Somehow both these clubs are all-femalebut given they're set in an all-girls school Comic Books.

The other is definitely a gun kind of girl. Its main heroines, like Aria and Reki, are firearms experts. The Lovely Angels set the standard for girls being awesome with laser pistols.

Who do you think is the best sniper in anime?

Black Lagoon has Revy, Roberta, Balalaika, and the entire church of violence. Grenadier has its main heroine constantly perform spectacular feats with a revolver. Black Catstarring Jade Leung as the eponymous character, a young woman who ends up having a microchip implanted in her brain as a top-secret government project, turning her into an elite assassin and Professional Killer. Beauty Investigatorone of the last collaborations between Yukari Oshima and Moon Lee, where the actresses respectively plays an assassin and a cop who ends up taking on the tri.

Shootouts, fight scenes, exploding vehicles comes a plenty throughout the movie.

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Sucker Punchamong being many other things. Devil Hunters is especially infamous for a stunt gone wrong, where Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu jumps off from a tall balcony with an explosion goes off behind them.

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Hannie Caulderstarring Raquel Welch. Community Showcase More. The exploitation film Angels With Golden Guns deals with supermodels abducted by a human traffickiing ring and battling their way out in one gunfight after another. Enter the Eaglesstarring Shannon daughter of Bruce Lee, a bounty hunter who gets to team up with her mentor played by Michael Wong to take on an entire crime syndicate. Mission Of Condora.

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One of the girls is afraid, and quite rubbish, with guns, and so uses knives; but still uses one at the climax of the movie. Henrietta goes berserk in this scene and takes out all the thugs with the help of Rico.

Kib, x, - anime girls holding guns

Bad Girlsabout four Wild West prostitutes who are wanted by the law. The Dragon Fighter starring Sibelle Hu as a hitwoman and triad killer. Angel Enforcersstaring Sharon Yeung as a policewoman who kicks ass and stops crime. May or may not involve Heroic Bloodshed. Bury Me Highone of the higher-budget films starring Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu, which ends with a full-scale battle involving tanks, helicopters, and exploding bunkers and munition piles.

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Usually involves gun fights, stunts and martial arts.