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Hottest female climbers

Richard Wiseman polled over 6, people to find out which of 15 sports they thought would make a member of the opposite sex more attractive. Climbing is just a sexy sport in and of itself.

Hottest Female Climbers

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Your Name:. Address: you will also be ed a Cc: [carbon copy] of this message. For Lor Sabourin, climbing is more than a sport; it's a way of exploring identity and building resilience in the face of adversity. The sexiest type of climbing. New Topic Reply to Topic. This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

How old am I: 25
Where am I from: I'm irish
My orientation: Male
Sex: Woman
Body features: My body features is medium-build
Favourite drink: Mulled wine

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This week's ticklist is a smorgasbord of ascents from around the world The sexiest type of climbing. For my money, I reckon bouldering is probably the sexiest, so long as all the mega-geeky vocab is avoided and not too many power-screams are emitted.

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It is a guy called Trent, at the Kazzle, doing 2 hours of yoga after some hard core ultimate frisbee or softball, telling all who will isten that he can onsight 9k and then lead 4g. NorthernRock 17 May In reply to hexcentric: The one you don't stand a chance with!

In reply to DreadyCraig: just because she's wearing a bikini Ireddek 18 May Oh and then it's totally fine by me if they take their shirts off as well ;0 Even better still is if they can string rational sentences together and hold conversations when they're on terra firma!

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So, possibly a bit of shirt off sports climbing in the summer. In reply to hexcentric: The hairy unwashed smelly big wall climbers! Beautiful girls climbing 7bs, fearless foreigners diving off from 20m. Choss Weasel 18 May Rich Mayfield 18 May In reply to Choss Weasel: "Well judging from your profile pic", is she the one on the left or right?

Womens supernaut hot climbers jersey

I've never turned a corner at a wall to find someone pooping half way up deliberately, anyway. Even I look vaguely cool, proving that if you cannot polish a turd, you can at least buff it to a dull shine. Jonny2vests 17 May Conf 2 17 May In reply to hexcentric: When your having fun its doesnt matter what you do or how your doing it cos you cant beat a crackin smile - corny I know but its true!!! In the blue corner, we have the sport climbers, looking a little peaky on their diet of couscous and air.

Only the female variety of course! Rich Mayfield 17 May In reply to hexcentric: You missed out the black corner DWS! How could you?

Tokyo (4 a.m.)

My friend turned to me and in a Monty Pythonesque type voice said "climbing women! Could do with a volume knob though.

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Jamie B 17 May In reply to NorthernRock: A while back I was at Neilston with a friend and there were two very manly looking women there. Raskye 17 May In reply to Dark Mavis: All of them??

Professional female rock climbers

In the, er, green corner, we have the mountaineers and alpinists, looking weatherbeaten and hairy. Us Brits, who had ly thought we could climb because we'd lead E1 or E2, shuffled our pallid flabby selves along whatever low-level 6b the guidebook described as the approach to the climbs, before flopping into the water. Personally I go for gymnastic with a few technical moves.

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In reply to hexcentric: Dogging? Stephs nice but that pic isent that flattering, my other option was lynn hill im happy with steph Sam Edwards 18 May In reply to hexcentric: can i change the orignal shape to a pentagon, so i can put female another type of climbing: in the skybluepink corner: Boxering, the act of bouldering in your underpants in a blizzard.

In reply to higherclimbingwales: I have it on good authority that Cirus Dog was first climbed in nothing more than a mask and snorkle and fins! Does it get much hot than that? The Ivanator 18 May In reply to hexcentric: Some prefer fingery and climbers think thuggy is the way.

In the red corner, we have the traddie cragsters, helmetted, hex-laden and ethical to the brim. New Topic Reply to Topic. Trad, for example: bumblies heavily laden with clanking bits of metal making slow and hesitant progress, shuffling about on ledges, shouting irritably at their belayer, wearing helmets In reply to hexcentric: Wide bridging in my split crotch Ronhills often attracts admiring glances from the ladies.

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In reply to Gareth Uglow: No, they don't even get to enter. I thought back to my climbing apprenticeship, udging myself up grim chimneys in the rain, and thinking I'd gone wrong somewhere.

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DreadyCraig 18 May In reply to Hardonicus: I think we have a winner! However I think you may be onto something - american girl climbers and if I'm honest, the other way round too? In reply to hexcentric: The sexiest type of Climbing?

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In reply to jonny2vests: Oh no, you're one of those. Annette 19 May Rubbishy 19 May In reply to Annette: Hell yes.

Top 10 hottest female athletes in tokyo

In truth it's not very sexy, but just look at the competition. Roberttaylor 18 May In reply to krasavenko: O rly?

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And lets not generalise: there are very hot lean sport climbers, manly trad climbers and a lot of topless boulderers that all are capable of distracting me from my own climb. In reply to hexcentric: naked DWS ladies only. BigJames 18 May In reply to mike kann: Come on mike, Beth NO, what are you thinking of man???

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And I mean, gooooood backs. A bit of old fashioned crack jamming Big wall free climbers In reply to Choss Weasel: well to be honest I did crop my hair- but it's still styled not just chopped Proportionally speaking there are more hot girls that guys climbers - but it may be just EUMC Hardonicus 18 May In reply to krasavenko: Chicks on DWS Dude, no.

Sexy rock climbing girls that are too hot to handle (39 pics)

We jumped in the car and fled! But which is the sexiest?

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In reply to Ireddek: haha couldn't agree more. Panda 17 May In reply to hexcentric: i got giggly at the sight of La Sportivas in the climbing wall the other day In reply to hexcentric: Any girl resting on a heelhook. Your Name:. Jonny2vests 19 May In reply to hexcentric: Blokes with good backs.

Sexy spider-woman! hot model beats extreme spine injury to become champion rock climber

Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact he looks like Jude Law. In reply to hexcentric: Try the Bikini Boulderers on Facebook Climbing up perfect rock in gorgeous sunshine above an azure blue sea, yachts a short distance away, none of the faff and hassle of ropes and gear and goretex.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings. Fillies who have been brought up by daddy dragging them out to the crag and camping etc, and then them blossoming into hotties. In the yellow corner, we have the boulderers, skulking around bare-chested and beanied. Address: you will also be ed a Cc: [carbon copy] of this message.

Top 10 hottest female athletes in tokyo

Mowglee 17 May In reply to hexcentric: Wall rats? In reply to Annette: totally agree! In reply to dunkymonkey You are all wrong. The Pylon King 17 May In reply to hexcentric: The women.

Rock hard bodies: the top 8 hottest climbers in the sport

Choss Weasel 17 May In reply to Choss Weasel: and better housetrained. Completing our pentagon is a miscellaneous jumble in which we have exclusive ice climbers, big-wall aid climbers, scramblers, perverts and pedants. They heard him and came over demanding to know exactly what he said.

The poster who wrote about trad climbers bimbling about yelling at their belayer - bang on. Hoppo 17 May In reply to Choss Weasel: Being a very girly girl out of my harness and still being a relatively good climber I take this as an offence!