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I got pregnant by another man

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Thursday granted a year-old businessman, Mr Akinola Ikudola, divorce from his wife, Funsho, on grounds that she got pregnant for another man while still living with him. The President of the Court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, said that it was proper for both parties to go their separate ways since they were tired of living together as husband and wife.

I Got Pregnant By Another Man

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Many times in family law cases, we see situations where a woman becomes pregnant while still married. The husband by law, is pd to be the biological father of the. It complicates the divorce. If either the mother or her husband raise the issue with the trial court that the husband may not be the father, most courts will put the brakes on the divorce process, order a guardian ad litem be appointed for the baby and order DNA testing for all three. Some courts even go one step further and order that the mother file a paternity action and have the real father adjudicated before the divorce can be completed. What about the person who impregnated the wife?

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Feeling worse than the scum of the earth I quickly gathered my belongings and left the apartment planning on never seeing Ryan again. He lives his life based on a strict schedule, which I admire greatly. Invest in the future today. Besides we're both adults - all we had to do was act mature about the situation and everything would be okay, right? No, I always shop at reputable stores.

His love felt safer than Ryan's and there was never the constant fear that he was being unfaithful or that he would just up and leave one day. No, I don't wear deer clothing. Cropped shot of a young woman taking a home pregnancy test. Fast forward two weeks later, and I have an unexplained feeling of nausea. But what if the problem was infidelity and a baby was conceived as a result?

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I am pregnant with another man's baby while my husband is out of the country. After not being able to take feeling sick anymore, I visit my doctor only to have my worst fears realised.

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I never mind because I am no stranger to the lengthy trips his job always requires him to go on and so after a heartfelt goodbye, he left, set to return in May this year. Letting him believe it is his child may lead to legal implications in terms of the rights of the biological father. She says that firstly, Lala should be transparent and completely honest with her current partner about the situation.

These were the nights I was used to before I married my quiet husband and settled down, and while I love the peace, I loved getting out there again - that is until the next morning I woke up to Ryan next to me in an apartment I don't remember being in before. While Michael was the perfect gentleman, I guess I always had a thing for the wrong kinds of guys.

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So, how far is too far?. After years of being mistreated by Ryan I eventually left him and like a real life fairy tale, Michael swooped in and wiped my tears away. This is quite a situation Lala has on her hands, so we called in relationship expert Paula Quinsee to offer some professional advice. They will need to address the trust issue that has been created as a result of this situation which can take a long time to repair.

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Perhaps this is where the problem began. Journalism strengthens democracy.

Voting Booth. Lala also needs to manage expectations of the biological father. The night seemed to last forever with an endless bar hopping and tequila shots, until I was unable to even walk on my own. Hybrid office return is changing workwear trends as fashion lovers prioritise comfort.

Yes, I believed it was authentic.

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In times of uncertainty you need journalism you can trust. Paula recommends that she establish the role the biological father intends to play or that she wants him to play in the life of the child e.

At back of my mind, I imagine pregnancy as the reason but I refuse to believe it. Last year September, Michael was set to leave the country for eight months on a business trip.

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For years he showed interest in me but at the time I was seeing Ryan who was the typical bad boy. She will need to manage her relationship with her current partner i. Terms and Conditions Media24 Privacy Policy.

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While Michael is the man I need, I have always wanted the excitement of partying and living wildly on the edge, and my dear Michael is the complete opposite. All of a sudden, it feels like everything I've built with him could be lost with one conversation and I just don't have the courage to let him know and I don't want to lose him. During the festive season, I decided to go out with a few friends for some drinks and a night out on the town.

I literally can't keep anything down. One of my best friends was seeing my ex Ryan's brother, so it wasn't too much of a surprise when Ryan was among the party crew.

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We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred.