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Is nicki minajs ass fake

It also includes gossip, rumours and alleged claims that the media puts them up to. Plastic surgery happens to be one of them. While many eminent personalities have accepted getting fillers to accentuate their appearance, the most popular body part that has dominated recently is the butt.

Is Nicki Minajs Ass Fake

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Last month, rapper Remy Ma called out Nicki Minaj in an epic diss track where she revealed that the year-old rapper not only has had booty implantsbut that they ruptured! Nicki neither confirmed nor denied the accusations about how different she looked before plastic surgerybut the blowup has ignited new interest in the "Anaconda" singer's backside. After Remy's brutal comments, there was a lot of public scrutiny over Nicki's famous butt. Even her ex, Meek, ed in on the fun by liking an Instagram photo that showed a picture of her booty allegedly "dropping.

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Nicki revealed in an interview with Extra to never having plastic surgery done … on her face.

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Not on that level. He's the GreatestOfAllTime dead or alive. But before the rumors of her getting butt implants started swirling, the year-old real name: Onika Tanya Maraj was just an unknown female rapper from NYC trying to make a name for herself.

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She could, however, use some hyaluronic fillers to build up her narrow bridge, to create a more natural appearance, which is done to treat rhinoplasties where too much cartilage and tissue have been removed. Not with that precision.

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Perfect fit. Not being cocky.

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Nicki denies any plastic surgery and blames it all on the magic of makeup! Through the years, the rapper has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery for her nose and butt.

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This is real s—t. So, to answer your questions….

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Footage of a young Nicki in high school surfaced online, proving that along with being a great rapper she is also an actress. To name a few ," Nicki captioned this throwback pic with her mentor Lil Wayne.

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My Out. So, do you think Nicki has gotten some work done?