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Kasey chase escort

You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. Gee this girl is nothing but trouble! First of to let you guys know, I know her first hand and shot 4 scenes with her.

Kasey Chase Escort

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Years old: 47
My sex: I am fem
Color of my hair: Dark-haired hair
Languages: Italian
What is my figure features: My figure features is strong

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Thanks for your time, answer what you want to. Created May 27, Top posts january 23rd Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. Do you find attention from fans who come up with stuff like "Plese follow my twitter dawn i am ur fan love u sweet cutenes" to be slightly disturbing?

Iama scifag-raised female pornstar. ama.

Only with girls? Do you fake it in every video? It was intense. Why or why not?

Kasey chase

For sure. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. What are your relationships like with other pornstars, male and female? They're all batshit nuts.

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I don't do it for work, but if I did, I'm sure that'd be it. Do you poop and wash your asshole? One thing you love about the industry, and one thing you hate. When it happens at home, it's spontaneous. There are many things I refused to do! My stage name is Kasey Chase, but some of you may remember me as "Dez".

Kasey chase cult of dez

What's your pregame warm up ritual for anal? What's it like going through that and having to feign pleasure? Or was it all strictly business? Lol, none.

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One for amatuercreampies and the other was a solo for Ron Harris. What made you decide to go into the porn industry? I enjoyed the scenes I performed with women. The FreeZone is a place where chuch-haters, but tech-lovers go. Only two orgasms I've had on cam were real.

I bet you were just foaming at the ass when you saw "pornstar" in the AMA title. They do things in a completely different fashion.

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I never once saw male talent outside of work. Found the internet! Is there anything that you have done, most likely an obscure fetish, that has absolutely disgusted you?

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Remember Charlie Sheen? Nearing the end of this scene, I began to experience feelings of power. One for amatuercreampies and the other was a solo for Ron Harris Eh. More posts from the IAmA community.

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No, I am not racist. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. In the scene, I had to ash my cigarette in this dudes mouth, step on his balls with my heels, metal-whip him over times, etc. I felt bad at first, but they told me my feelings about it would change. Idfk why, man, I just don't.

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Did you ever see any of the male porn actors romantically outside of work? There were times that I'd have to hide my face from the cam or the guy because I was disgusted. My agent advised me. Did you ever think Or does it get blase after a while?

Posted by 10 years ago. They were right.

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Interracial, DP and anal are the main ones. Opiates helped with that. How much of the pleasure is real?

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Do you only fake it with guys? I've answered this somewhere in the replies Other than sexual? Do girls in the biz often have mental health issues?

Kasey chase escort cute escorts

In turn, I felt sexy. Were there ever any times that you were grossed out by the guys who were fucking you?

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IAmA Scifag-raised female pornstar.