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Keanu reeves gay marriage

This study focuses on the depiction of homosexuality in American films.

Keanu Reeves Gay Marriage

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Last year, Speed made Keanu Reeves a superstar. With Reeves's new W. There's a story attached, but the details are vague. So the star of Hollywood screen and Winnipeg stage lives in hotels, moving as the work demands. His latest abode, as he puts it with that odd formality of his—part earnest gentleman, part grown-up Valley dude— is a businessman's hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

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Keanu is still very single, and his younger sister Kim has observed that he's had only one real relationship with a woman, "a on again off again thing that lasted about a year.

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Enough people believed the story that the news of the affair spread in excited whispers thoughout Europe until December 14,when a French newspaper reported that David and Keanu had been married by a rabbi in a Los Angeles area restaurant. Thus the gossip games began. It all started with Wolfboy, though it probably didn't help when London's tabloids "The Daily Mirror" ran out of Princess Diana stories.

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Meanwhile Keanu's family and friends insist that he is anxious for the day he meets Miss Right. Please or register. For example, one sceen featured Wolfboy killing Keanu with a passionate bite to the neck.

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It wasn't long before prestigious magazines thoughout the U. Then the rumors started to take on a life of it's own, so that's why I started adressing it. As far as what is actualy true, "NONE of it," he says firmly. By Subject By Author By Source By Country — — — — 1 2 — — — — — — Two seemingly unrelated events seperated by ten years helped fuel fires of a worldwide rumor that Keanu Reeves is gay.

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So how did the rumors begin? Despite a reporter in another English paper identifying the rumor as just that, a well respected American entertainment industry publication mentioned the so-called marriage. Those themes along with suggestive publicity shots that would make even your neighborhood bully blush, were never forgotten by some of Keanu's earliest fansor the press.

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Fast forward to a decade later, when "The Daily Mirror" stumbled onto a rumor about Keanu romancing gay music billionaire David Geffen. Wheather the tabloids were trying to verify this rumor or make up the whole thing, the paper reported on August 30, that Keanu and David had been seen "painting the town red at parties and going on wild shopping sprees.

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The seed for this story was planted inwhen a struggling actor Keanu, freshly arrived in L. A, landed a role in Wolfboy, a stage play with sexual and homosexual themes. That might be a long day coming: Rumors declaring that the shy actor is only attracted to men isn't likely to help him meet a woman any faster!

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