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Lisa rpg buddy

Each of the games in the series has "LISA" in the title, take place in the same universe, and share themes such as physical and psychological abuse, mental illness, human depravity, and substance abuse. It takes place in Olathe, an She not only tries to escape from them, but she also tries to escape from the man at the center of it all as well, her abusive father Marty Armstrong.

Lisa Rpg Buddy

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BeautifulDice MahoneSindy Gallows and Big Lincolnshe will be returned to the List one last time, in order for her to face the true leader of Olathe. Before the spoilers are displayed below, there are three endings and three epilogue dialogues you can receive.

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Belongs to the creator s of Lisa Continue this thread. Brad killed more people than Buddy, with a less severe reason. I have seen nobody ask what Brad's problem is. Like all we see of them is brad being pretty nice to her but not letting her go outside in fact he doesn't even do that he makes a compromise so she CAN go outside and then let's her use make up on him which she somehow learned despite having noone to teach her and THEN he teaches her how to use a sword.

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Hell no. On top of that, on top of the emotional destabilization that comes with seeing your father: Tear an army apart with his head and his teeth Obliterate one of the only men who didn't try to rape you And 3 Mutate before your eyes and interrupt your sleep by biting and wailing at you Buddy was addicted to Joy, by the end of Joyful she was maybe an hour away from mutation.

Every man Buddy ever met has tried to molest her, and in the beginning of Joyful, one succeeded. Not to mention, it seems like Joy has a side effect of making it's user hyper-focus on one objective, and this effect peaks when they hit mutant stage. This is an objective fact. Had this never happened to Buddy, she'd likely never want to kill the Warlords and Joyful wouldn't have happened. But neither is Brad.

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This is actually a great summary. Is this because of his guilt of what happened to Lisa, or from his use of Joy? I'd think it's a little of both. All of her motivations are super weak like Brad's thinking my dad shouted and through bottles at me because I got beat up earlier so I want to be a super good parent and keep my child safe and Rando just wants to fix the wasteland but buddies like Brad didn't let me play outside enough because he was afraid I would get raped therefore he is the worst parent and some people in the wasteland are bad so I must actively seek out every gang leader in Olathe and indiscriminately kill all of them.

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What is buddy's problem? Laser vision? Buddy is a horribly unfortunate victim of circumstance. Joy is known to cause extreme violent tendencies the closer you get to mutation. I'll put this into a simple melting pot summary. Posted by 4 years ago.

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Good god what have we uncovered! More posts from the lisathepainfulrpg community.

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So, paired with the extreme aggression Joy encourages, and the gruesome mindset Brad taught her, she was lead to believe killing the lisas of Olathe and putting herself at the top would change it to rpg in her favor. Buddy was taught since birth that the world wants nothing more than to fuck and murder her, and she needs to kill or be killed. Brad succumbed to Joy addiction and alcoholism and was horribly neglectful and protective of Buddy. The world wasn't threatening Brad, but he tore it apart anyway.

After lisa Joy this exacerbates that buddy of her and she can't help but kill every person she comes across, save for one of the only people who had already shown her that he meant her no harm : Rando. A subreddit for posts and discussions about the game LISA.

TLDR: she hates brad because he tried to protect her from the bad people and she must kill all gang leaders including a pacifist because some people are bad. Found the internet! He was also verbally abusive and is implied to have barred her from speaking to her buddies, very likely the only friends she had, meaning she had absolutely no contact with anyone except Brad.

Boy oh boy, this argument. Brad was not a good person. Created Jul 9, Top posts july 31st Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top. On top of that, on top of the emotional destabilization that comes with seeing your father:. Thank you I hate when people rag on buddy but will give brad million passes. Good person? He also taught her that she'd need to kill to survive, that she needs to learn to become numb to emotions and kill without hesitation, at the already emotionally unstable age ofRpg assumed age.

AND THEN once the game is over she decides she has to kill all the warlords and starts with a merchant leader and a pacifist.

But when we meet her she seems to hate Brad and says that Brad's dad was a better father in the short time she knew him than brad ever was, what could he possibly have done? Brad taught her this and convinced her she would die if she did not learn it.

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Sort by: best. However, she was addicted to Joy. She remarks that the pills taste bad to Marty in Painful, and Buzzo laments her for being curious about them, regardless of whether or not you use it in Joyful, she's taken it before.

This game's name has a reason. Looking at Buddy, I think it's a similar situation. Obliterate one of the only men who didn't try to rape you And 3 Mutate before your eyes and interrupt your sleep by biting and wailing at you Buddy was addicted to Joy, by the end of Joyful she was maybe an hour away from mutation.

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Cured cancer? He never once thinks about how she is the only person in the world who can actually save humanity. Granted 3 wishes? Brad was nice to her for her whole life not to mention feeding and clothing her, but Marty sits with her for a day or so and suddenly he's the best? She has never met any of these people before she litterally has to ask them who they are but decides they must die anyway and doesn't listen to one of the most powerful men in Olathe when he tells her she doesn't need to do this.

Throughout Painful Brad is only ever going after one thing: Buddy's safety. But I'd go out on a limb and say that morally, Buddy is better than Brad.