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Maken ki syria


Maken Ki Syria

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Venus Academy is introduced in episode 7 chapter 8 in the manga as a group of foreign exchange students visiting Tenbi Academy. Not much is known about their school, though its staff and students seem to be knowledgeable about Kamigari's activities.

How old am I: 46
Ethnic: I'm latvian
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Distracted by all the bouncy brawlers, Takeru has a hard time concentrating on his training. The group decides to take a trip to the beach to get a long deserved break, yet Takeru has been forced into intense training to control his Maken.

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Mizugi da! But this bevy of bombshells is actually a school where teens beef up their combat skills using a magic power thingy called a Maken.

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Alt title: Maken-Ki! Natsu da!

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It's Training Camp! It's Summer! Tags Comedy Shounen Based on a Manga.

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Rank 8, Rank 21, I this character. Minami no Shima de Supoon.

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Takeru enrolled in Tenbi Academy because the girl-to-guy ratio is, like, 3 girls for every guy. It's Swimsuits! Source: ANN. Source: MU. There are no comments - leave one to be the first!

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Vol: 24; Ch: Dragon Age 3. Check back soon! Two: Takeru Nyotaika!?

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Source: Funimation. You must be logged in to leave comments. Mariya ISE. This entry currently doesn't have a synopsis.

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Takeru and the rest of the gang head to the beach for some serious training, so you know what that means: tiny swimsuits, a giant octopus attack, and one promiscuous sleep-groper! Gasshuku da!

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But during the events an emergency at the beach cuts his training short Ohyama Takeru happily enrolls in a co-ed school that didn't require any entrance exams and has hostels to boot Only to find out that there's more to the school than he thought!