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Mass effect 3 dr chakwas lab or normandy

Shepard can find a bottle of Dr. Doing so unlocks an update in the Tech Lab. Karin Chakwas is one of the few members of the Normandy crew who has been with Shepard since the beginning of the Massive effect trilogy to the end, and Shepard can drink with her.

Mass Effect 3 Dr Chakwas Lab Or Normandy

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There are plenty of choices to be made in the final game that ultimately decide the fate of much of the main cast. Some choices seem to bear more ificance than others, however. One choice in Mass Effect 3 that seems like it might make a lot of difference is which doctor to leave on the Citadel. Chakwas is the doctor who's stationed in the med bay on the Normandy and Dr. Michel runs into Shepard and crew several times on the Citadel throughout the series. When it comes time to choose someone to stay behind on the Citadel, players are faced with a seemingly tough choice.

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She will beg you to allow her back onto the ship.

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You can also visit the shop towards the middle of the waiting room area to purchase a Medi Gel Capacity Upgrade, which will increase your medi gel capacity by one. There are plenty of opportunities to increase either slider here. All rights reserved. Our Newsletter details below to our list and receive our newsletter. The two Asaris in the back corner will be discussing a traumatic battle that put one of them in the PTSD ward of the hospital.

Mass effect 3 war assets guide: every asset that adds to your military strength

Article Series This article is part 3 of a 89 part series. Leave the area and return to the lobby.

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If Ashley is in the hospital, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of gifts, including candy, poetry, and books. She will be standing near another doctor, Dr. Speak with them, and Dr. Chakwas will ask you to recruit her back onto the Normandy.

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You will only be able to buy one before the rest are phased out, however. Along the way, you will learn of a Prothean super-weapon that was never completed, the likes of which could turn the tide of the war. Again, you will be faced with either a Paragon or Renegade choice.

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You can do this several times before the traumatized Asari finishes her story. Just because your mission may seem urgent, however, does not mean that you should rush to complete it. The remainder of your first trip to the Citadel will be covered in the following guide.

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There are plenty of side objectives to find and interesting conversations to take part in before you proceed onwards to meet with the Council. Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 5: Normandy. Agree to allow her on the ship under the premise of airing your struggle to the rest of the universe, thus hopefully garnering more support for your cause.

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From here, head to the Citadel Embassy to continue on with your mission. When you arrive, you will meet up with Dr. Chakwas, provided she survived your encounter with the Collectors in Mass Effect 2. Either way, you will have to walk through the two blue security fields and another door to get to the hospital. Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 2: Mars.

You can also click in the left stick to bring up a map of the Citadel, with all of the ificant areas marked for you. Other articles in this series are shown below:. If you are trying to avoid Paragon points, you can decline the offer but still go to the hospital anyway.


He will inform you that you can head to the Huerta Memorial Hospital to check on Kaiden or Ashley before you proceed with the rest of your mission. Choosing to do this will earn you some Paragon points. After your battles on Mars and Earth, you will finally arrive at the Citadel to warn the Council about the impending Reaper attack. Your effort will be to no avail, though. You can either allow Dr.

Chakwas to return to the Normandy and abandon her post on the Citadel, or you can make her stay and recruit Dr. Michel instead. Finally, you will gain reputation points for asking Dr. Michel onboard instead of Dr. After acquiring a new doctor for your crew, it will be time to visit your injured squad-mate.

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If your incapacitated squad-mate is Kaiden, the only item available for purchase will be the TMPeruvian Whiskey. Run up to the woman in white standing by the chairs and speak with her. Spread The Word del.

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Plus, you will gain either Paragon or Renegade points, because you will need to use a Persuasion option in the dialogue tree to convince Dr. Michel to come on board with you. As the bulk of this mission will consist of talking with the various inhabitants of the Citadel, you should decide here and now whether or not you will be leaning towards Paragon or Renegade, or some combination of the both.

After you have recruited the reporter, turn back around and head through the only door.

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She will explain that she is a reporter, Diana Allers, and that her production company wants her to you on the Normandy to film a documentary on your struggles during the attack. Here, you have a choice to make. If you would like, you can also uncover a few interesting tidbits in the waiting room of the hospital before you go in to see Kaiden or Ashley. Either one will be a sort of pep talk, but as always the Renegade option will be much more harsh and focused on the mission, rather than the injured person in front of you.

War asset: diana allers

Buy it for him if you intend to pursue a relationship later. You will have to convince the Council to send you aid and begin work on the blueprints. Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Canada.

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As you touch down at the Citadel, either Kaiden or Ashley will be whisked off to the medical bay, having been injured during your last encounter. The shop will also have a novelty item that you can buy, which will change depending upon which of your squad-mates is currently in the hospital. If you make Dr. Chakwas stay on the Citadel and recruit Dr. Michel for your ship, your Galaxy at War rating will go up and you will still gain the help of an experienced doctor. Article Options. Before you head through the door, turn around and enter the waiting room.

War asset: doctor chakwas/dr. mitchel

Run away after they finish their conversation and return to hear more. Both are very experienced doctors, but there is a clear best choice to make here, and it might not be the one you would initially expect. First Name: Address:.