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Mathira top fell down

A wardrobe malfunction left Mathira partially exposed at Fashion Pakistan Week.

Mathira Top Fell Down

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She has hosted several television shows and appeared in music videos. She works in the Pakistan Showbiz industry and also the Bollywood industry too. Sshz : Watch Mathira Leaked Pictures all credits goes to original up-loader. She shocked the entire person who those like to Mathira. Everyone also stunned from her attractiveness and stunning personality. Mathira is a Pakistani fashionable model Give

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Most Popular. Mathira's ex husband Flint J was quick to respond to the star's Insta post. I was supporting myself and my child this whole time and will carry on doing that, I loved you and still do! Get ready for the new girl, I will become truly your ex-wife, Miss M!

Also read: Never spoke to TV channels about my personal life, says Mathira about divorce rumours.

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N abidi. Hope this person will give you the respect that you give him in this latter ,for the sake of the. Jan 31, pm. Images Staff Desk Report.

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I truly believe that Mathira is at wrong. And once again, may Allah forgive us both for an act which is most unliked by Him. Mathira shares break-up letter on Instagram following divorce with husband Published 30 Jan, pm. He shared a selfie and wrote :. Allah is there, I wish you light now," she added. Mathira married a Punjabi singer who goes by the name of Flint J in a private ceremony in Pakistan in Last week, while speaking to ImagesMathira hinted that her marriage is in trouble but pleaded for privacy and said she was shocked that TV channels and online publications are claiming that she spoke about her personal life with them.

Well all the best for the new chapter of life. You won!

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He added, "I have received tons of messages asking me the reason for my divorce with Mathira, and not one person can claim that I have shared any sort of information with them. Khalid Shahzad. Feb 01, am.

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Jan 31, am. In her third and last post which was ed less than 24 hours ago, she concludes, "You're a stranger that knows me, a lot of me, you're a stranger that I love for life but won't ever come back in your life! Read This Next. Twitter Share. It was not easy and yes, people will judge me in the society because the woman is always blamed and labelled lol ok! Popular Newest Oldest. Jan 30, pm. So my suggestion to you is go fish and I am sure you will find one.

Media world acts in different ways that one can't even imagine and understand all together.

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Congratulations for you Freedom Flint J single life back in action! That doesn't sound like a right way to go about searching for a life partner.

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There is no going back. If it doesn't work out in the first place the chances are it will never work out.

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I don't trust the word love any more! Mathria your latter is very moving. You are a young bunch with a whole life in front of you and there is plenty of fish in the water. Recommend 0. Facebook Count. Images Staff. The mellow Drama says it all!!!!!! Time to move on. So, go live your life, you are strong, happiness comes from with in,find your happiness! Cheers : : :. Addressing her ex-husband Flint J, she wrote, "I tried to keep this marriage, I tried my best to hold on!

I truly believe that people who follow us are very sensible and mature enough to know what possibly could have gone wrong. At least one of us is living the dream and having a good time! My absence won't be missed I know.

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In this society they blames women for everything, even educated people, so, great intervention will change this mind set! So yes the divorce is done, the hell I am going through and went through only I know and I don't need anyone to know it! Mathira's ex husband Flint J was quick to respond to the star's Insta post on his own social media. So sad. I hope you have a blessed relationship and lovely life! Less said the better.

Mathira’s top fell down at fashion pakistan week 3 day 1 [pic/video]

You say I was a dark phase of your life okay! So we were surprised to come across a string of Instagram posts in which she announces her divorce and professes both love for her ex-hubs and regret over their relationship. These people has no social values. Remember mahria you were a complete human being before this man, you still are,now wth a unconditional love of ! Can u imagine the wives who gets divorce are celebrating Divorce parties just like Birthday parties. Very sad. Sad, but there is always another side of the story!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 03, am. Very unfortunate, hope they are able to keep it private for the sake of their beautiful. Faiza Shahid. Last status for you love! My personal life still remains personal, at least at my end. So, the Pakistani should be brave enough to face the situation and the society must be polite to them.

Closed 13 comments. I lost publicly! Desk Report. I leave everything in the court of Allah and I believe only He can be the judge and do the righteous justice. Yes, even if you do not love me I am a loser yes because I prefer you being a winner! Hey - divorce does not mean you died, it only means that two person who think they like each other and want to live together failed to do so because they have different mindset.