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Melissa rycroft tattoos

The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars alum recently got a tattoo of her three-month-old son Cayson 's name on her right wrist, sharing a video of the process with fans.

Melissa Rycroft Tattoos

Online: Yesterday


From the bridal gown and hairstyle to the theme and the cake, your wedding day is a reflection of your personality.

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After the Dust Settles. Ryan Seacrest Producer. Also available on smart TVs and streaming platforms.

Where are the bachelor couples now?

It isn't easy, but throughout it all, the two know that they can rely on each other for support. Lights, Camera, Pose. Leaving the only home they've ever known, Newlyweds Melissa and Tye set out from their Dallas hometown to the bright lights of Hollywood with daughter Ava, two dogs, and big dreams of being a TV host. Mild reality show about family, career, and Hollywood.

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Sleep, Please? After making the move from Dallas to Los Angeles, Tye has to go back to Dallas for work, leaving Melissa alone with Ava where she is forced to handle a 1 year old all on her own.

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In. Watch here or on Apple devices. Ava's not sleeping through the night leaving both Melissa and Tye exhausted.

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Reality Available on iTunes. All rights reserved.

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Desperate for anything to get their daughter to sleep the couple seek out something neither has ever heard before. After being rejected on The Bachelor and becoming a finalist on Dancing With The Stars, Rycroft's career in the entertainment industry has begun to take off. Jayson Dinsmore Producer. Being in California has its perks, but the couple must face lots of daily challenges, including coping with Tye's weekly travel schedule, and trying to find balance between career demands and being a parent.

Along with daughter Ava, the couple relocates from their hometown of Dallas, Texas, so that Rycroft can continue to pursue her career.

Cast & crew

Stars in Their Eyes. Viva Las Vegas. Eliot Goldberg Producer. With Tye in Dallas most of the week and Ava not sleeping through the night Melissa is left exhausted.