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Men forced to wear a bra

The question that immediately springs to mind is quite simple to pose, but somewhat more complicated to answer - given the rather negative connotations he is likely to associate with men wearing bras, how on earth can a regular man such as your husband be persuaded to wear one himself?

Men Forced To Wear A Bra

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I had to give up going to the beach and swimming as I was getting a lot unwanted looks and comments owing to there size, Which can be very inbrassasin to say the least, As my moobs can seem bigger than some females, There is very little I can do to cover them up from unwanted attention, So wearing some thing like a bra would be very helpful in more ways then one. Also, If you are more than a B cup, You need to be wearing a bra, Both for comfort and appearance.

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Embarrised to leave the house, but some of this bravery may just help me 'out'. Hi I'm a transgender female but I've been wearing a trading bra since I was 13 years old but when my mother fond me wearing one she wood make me take it off and she wood get areas of it. But I used them before that and just liked the feel of them it kind of brought out the wear side of me and that felt good. I'm a man and wear bras and panties they feel great my wife don't understand but lets me wear them and buys them for me she supports me.

Still other men simply enjoy the feeling of wearing a brassiere. I often wear women's tops because they fit better, women's jeans and shorts, and at any given moment I'm usually dressed in something forced or less androgenous. In fact we sometimes go for a drive with me dressed in womans clothes.

She even comes with me to choose them. It would seem that it is simply a much bra taboo subject for men who identify as heterosexual, so whilst their gay counterparts can revel in their lingerie as much as they desire and be encouraged for it, straight men are forced to hide in dark corners, flirting with their desire. I like them and I'm Men gay or anything it just feels good. My wife has it in her head that if you different that what she has been taught earlier in life, you're bad!!

I'm now in a 40c, which is very noticable under my tops and shirts, but so be it -- I'm very uncomfortable without one. Before I retired I wore panties, bras and pantyhose to work every day. I love to stuff my bra, put a thin t shirt over it and go out in public. I wear bras, and I'm a boy.

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My wife of 49 years is fully aware of what I wear. This can be brought on for a variety of reasons, including fetishism, medical reasons, bedroom games, and simply because he likes it. After all, what good would a drag queen be without a silicone stuffed brassiere, hmm? And yes I bra have forced breast tissue.

This article looks at a few of the fun reasons that a man might don a bra, in a celebration of equality, after all, if women can wear pants, why shouldn't men wear bras? So I tried on some cute white lacy ones and settled on a pretty underwire lace bra with no padding. I feel like every man can and should wear these items if it makes them happy and keeps them from cheating on their partner wether their partner is a man or woman. She caught me wear times, and started to buy me my own size 5 Pink J. Penney, with lace arroud the legs.

She continued to purchase me Penneys Pink nylon panties until I went into the Military. Cross dressers will often don a bra to enhance their female image, and indeed this use of the bra on men has become very much a part of western culture to the point where imagining a cross dresser without a bra seems more odd than one who wears one.

It's better than my boobs visibly flopping around. I called Walmart ahead and asked to come in and try on bras. Ever since my breasts got beyond a 40a I have worn a bra all day, every day. I began wearing panties when I was year old. I have been wearing a bra for over 10 years now because of a accident that I had and the doctor told me to use one to ease the pain and support the chest in that area. Sometimes, a man feels the desire to wear a bra. These acts are often carried out in the context of punishment, and the resulting humiliation both cows and arouses the subject. I've worn panties for years for the comfort, but the bras are fairly recent.

I still use them and enjoy them when ever I can, and I do wear them out side with the proper tops, like they say use the color top and same color bra so it dose not show up through you close. I also like the way I look with one because it helps me with my posture. Started with my mothers pink J. Penneys size 7. Why are the Nice ,pretty and comfortable things "reserved" for women.

I feel that it is a free world, and I am not breaking any laws of the land, so why not. The old joke about finding a husband dressing in Men wife's underwear applies equally to brassieres as it does panties, though many find the donning of a bra to be a step further than panties alone. I just love to go to a department store and going through the lingerie department.

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I love to wear womens clothes. Bras can be objects of comfort, desire, humiliation and punishment depending on the context in which they are used. I personally wish my partner would be more understanding as to why I do it and encourage me to keep on doing and maybe even let me try hers on. I'm 81 and both my wives never minded my wearing bras, panties and nylons or pantyhose. You like them wear them and enjoy them if worn properly you are the only one that knows you have it on.

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I am excited to see that other men accept the fact of us wearing what makes us feel complete i like to dress in full womans clothing and drive around it so exciting and feels so good to feel that sexy i love bras and panties and i have since i was a kid my mom caught me wearing a slip in the bed when i was 15 but i didn't care she seemed to accept it now i am married and my wife accepts it i love wearing my size 8 boy cut panties and thong panties with my 38 c bras i have a good collection of them and want breast the shape and the feeling of the bra pushing against you body i have worn panties to work and around my friends still not quiet sure about wearing my bra around them but i want to it makes me feel super sexy to wear form fitting dresses and camisoels.

My wife is very supportive of me wearing womans clothes in the house. There is nothing better than "Wearing My Bra" I love to see pictures of guys wearing a Bra, don't you??? I usually get a few bras and cannot forget the wonderful panties I like matching pairs too.

Chapter 6: how do i use wearing a bra as a punishment?

It is certainly true that life is not fair, and that sexuality is still an arena fraught with prejudice, but the more men free themselves to explore their desires, the more fun there is to be had for all! Yes some stores will help you get the one that fits proper so you are comfortable and enjoy having it on. If my bra "peeks through" my blouses, tops, or shirts, well, that's life and it's no different from the same situation on a female.

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Wearing a bra is in fact, not solely linked with homosexuality. Great views from all sides. I wear a bra in secrecy because I like it and I was supposed to be a woman and I couldn't even be born right.

Chapter 2: how do i make him wear his first bra?

Web store like JMS carry bras in larger sized A cups. It fit perfect size 42 D and I wore it proudly. I think i am very lucky to be married to her. Love the reaction when people notice. Then on a whim i decided to have the cups altered to better conform to my natural breasts. The seamstress pinned the cups and altered the bra to me and now I have a very pretty white lacy bra that supports my nice breasts and the seamstress was happy to help me.

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Men who enjoy feminization, or forced feminization find that wearing a bra makes them feel much more feminine than simply wearing panties alone. And she is very nice to me as well.

Men in bras: just for fun

I carry a seasonal purse, my hair is between by shoulder blades and growing, I haven't ventured out in public in a skirt or dress yet, but I do frequently wear both at home. Vanity Fair full cuts have been my choice of panties ever since I had stated wearing my mom's at the age of A flesh colored bra attracts less attention than a white one. I am wearing a Bra SO What. I will be going back to have some dresses made. I do get stared at occasionally often by men but so be it. For I love her and just want to have her next to me all day everyone knows what I mean by that I hope.

At 71 I really am not overly concerned about what other folks think about this. I also buy dresses, gowns, slips, skirts, blouses, pantyhose, leotards It is at www. Hi to everyone on here I am a 38 year old man who loves to wear just abour anything to do with lingerie and swimsuits.

It is unfortunate that many men feel compelled to hide this side of their sexuality from their partners for fear of wear thought of as homosexual. Oftentimes the brassiere is just part of a complete outfit which may include stockings, Men, a garter, teddies or camisoles, high heels, the list goes on. It may remind them of a partner or lover, or perhaps simply provide a feminine touch to their day.

I have been wearing bras for nearly 30 years, and fit comfortably bra a 36A. They were agreeable. A man who enjoys forced feminization may enjoy being compelled to don these feminine accessories, and to wear lipstick and other make up. I like the plane wire free type they seem to be a little more comfortable to me, to each forced own. No one notices a neutral shade panty hose with shorts and if they do notice, so what?