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Men in skirts and tights

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Men In Skirts And Tights

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In summer time the fashion is easy - cool even - with a well-ventilated skirt or dress instead of sweaty, sticky slacks. Unless you're a guy in the Western world - then your sartorial knee-length box-pleated skirt could heat things up to an inflammatory degree. So, what's the deal about men wearing skirts and dresses? Women wear pants and most people don't see that choice as an issue. However, a man in a dress or skirt can raise eyebrows. Clothing is clothing, but when it is attached to gender prejudices, it can be controversial.

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It is time for men to exercise fashion freedom. Stockings became fashionable during the reign of the Roman Empire. Earrings for men are not new.

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Do not allow fear to prevent you from exercising your fashion sense. In Africa, there are many men with pierced ears and long dangling earrings. These norms were difficult for women to overcome because they represented the power of men over women.

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Put on your skirts, hose, heels, earrings and anything else that expresses your fashion sense without fear and without shame!! Let the world know who you are! Makeup for Men Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could fix a blemish on your face. Post by Uncle Al » Sat May 31, pm.

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Men have been working on breaking these norms for some time now. There is no reason for one gender to have freedom at the cost of the other. The truth is that men have pierced their ears since tribal times. Why live with imperfections that can be eliminated with makeup?

From the catwalk to celebs, men in skirts are a thing. henrik lischke — who owns three — makes the case for getting leggy with it

Post by Pythos » Sat May 31, pm. Post by Pythos » Fri May 30, pm. Men created rules for women that restricted their role in the world. If women can add pants to their wardrobe, then men can bring back skirts, hose, heels and earrings.

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Men would have had long hair during much of the caveman era, as cutting implements were not yet deed as our current day scissors. Makeup for men is here and using it will make you more of a man. See here for more details. If you are a woman, you put your makeup on and cover any blemishes. In fact it will make you more attractive. They soon discovered that this chalk could be used in creative ways to enhance their appearance.

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Men have been restricted by societal norms just like women. Post by crfriend » Sun Jun 01, pm.

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Changing Society's Norms Society creates many normative unwritten rules. Stand up for your freedom!

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There were different versions of socks worn well before the existence of the Roman Empire. The Romans shortened their armored skirts and wrapped their exposed legs in stockings. It is believed that men first decorated their bodies with chalk from soft rocks in order to camouflage themselves when hunting.

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Post by Since » Sat May 31, pm. Women had to struggle to get relief from the norms they had succumbed to. Post by Pythos » Fri May 30, am.

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I found this and think it explains our want well Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. Post Reply. Many of these norms were adopted around the world, but fortunately not all. Why do women use makeup?

14thth century europe: suddenly, there's hosiery

There were norms restricting women throughout history. The world will respect you for your statement and all fashions for men will become accepted. The way that you adorn your body will be accepted as long as your adornments do not physically hurt another person. Post by Bri » Fri May 30, pm. Continuing dialog on gender is encouraged in the context of fashion freedom for men. Post by Bri » Mon Jun 02, pm. This brought about the first jewelry.

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NOTE: If you experience any technical troubles with SkirtCafe or cannot log in, please the administrator: barista at skirtcafe dot org. The rebellion will not be difficult, since society is ready for men to break the mold. It is time to take a stand and take back our fashion freedom!!! Fashion freedom for men can and will be accomplished. Sandals were the shoes of choice in Africa and the Middle East, where scientists believe that humanity first existed on Earth.

The average man has not used makeup because of a fear of not appearing manly. Men have worn dresses, skirts, stockings, heels, makeup and earrings for thousands of years!!! The particular markings on their skin identify their tribe. As a man, you simply learn to live with your imperfections.

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Makeup hides blemishes and makes you look more natural. If women allowed fear to rule their fashion sense we would never have seen the miniskirt or women in pants. Men have ruled the world for thousands of years!! Long hair was very stylish for men during the fifteen hundreds through the early nineteen hundreds.

Ancient world: skirts for all except horse riders

Men have ruled women for thousands of years and in only two hundred years they have gained a great deal of freedom. Your stand on this issue will make it happen. Men's Freedom Men!!! Menaji appeared in the Augusta Chronicle for creating makeup that enhances a man's appearance. The strict norms created by the Puritans were carried around the world by the advances in communication. We recognize a diversity of styles our members feel comfortable wearing, and do not exclude any potential choices. Actors and news male news anchors have used makeup for as long as color television and movies have existed.

The biblical interpretations of the Puritans added further ificance to the rules that restricted women.

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Post by Milfmog » Fri May 30, am. We do this in the context of men's fashion freedom an expansion of choices beyond those commonly available for men to include kilts, skirts and other garments. As people see men exercising fashion freedom, they will learn to accept men's fashion freedom and the societal norms will be overcome. These norms became highly restrictive when the Puritans in America misinterpreted the Bible. Post by crfriend » Fri May 30, pm. Fear no more!

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During the nineteen eighties, it appeared that earrings for men were becoming popular and the majority of Americans believed that this was a new phenomena. We can all be free together. It is time for men to rebel and end these unwritten societal norms. Women have rebelled and won their freedom from these societal norms.

Tribes in Africa still use similar methods to decorate their bodies. This website supports any man in the fashion that makes him happy.

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Makeup for men is not new. You ask. Men have also worn open shoes throughout their history. Post by crfriend » Fri May 30, am. Freedom must be for all people equally in order for any person to truly be free!! Post by Uncle Al » Fri May 30, pm.

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Skirt Cafe is an on-line community dedicated to exploring, promoting and advocating skirts and kilts as a fashion choice for men, formerly known as men in skirts. While hunting and fishing, men discovered that shells and other semi precious stones could be worn both to enhance their appearance and to identify their tribe. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.

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Post by miniskirt07 » Fri May 30, am. Post by Bri » Sun Jun 01, pm. Some of these rules may be helpful to society, but most of these rules create unnecessary restrictions on people. We know these dresses as robes, togas, caftans, kimonos and the Saudi Thaub.