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Mexican Men In Bed

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indicate that these Latino men mostly of Caribbean descent are emphatic about the role of cleanliness in vaginal health, reporting that it substantially influences their choice of partner.

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We then prepared summary matrices of the coded data. I do what is called the finger test… Like I would insert my finger into her…[before] intercourse. Ramon, Perhaps most importantly, men view the vagina as particularly prone to infection, requiring special cleansing to remove bacteria in order to avoid symptomatic infections for women and the spread of infection to male partners:.

Interviews ranged in length from 12 to 46 minutes. The finalized coding scheme was applied using Nvivo tm software to facilitate the retrieval of text passages. Some reported not without distress experiences in which the external aspect of the vagina did not necessarily reflect its inner state. When my partner douches it benefits me a lot because in that way we protect ourselves from not catching any diseases or any disease we can catch during sex… Some sort of bacteria or something.

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The interviews were audio taped and transcribed verbatim. While health care professionals generally discourage douching, effective interventions for reducing douching are rare Grimley et al This report is part of a larger study investigating vaginal hygiene practices, and the meaning associated with them, to guide development of an intervention to decrease douching among Latinas. Fernando, Despite its importance, men acknowledged difficulty in assessing the vaginal health of potential sexual partners, but identified particular s that they relied upon for evaluation. Alberto, In addition to odour, men mention more outward s that they perceive indicate how well women care for themselves externally, and by extension, internally.

This process was repeated until the team judged that the coding list was conceptually adequate, concise and usable, with few discrepancies between the coders.

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Most are very supportive of douching, which they consider a necessary hygiene activity. Two analysts read the transcripts independently and made notes of themes, including unanticipated themes, thus creating a tentative coding scheme.

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We considered that there were advantages and disadvantages to either a male or female interviewer in exploring this sensitive subject matter. The implications of these findings for interventions with Latina women are discussed. Vaginal health is perceived as a state that must be attained and maintained through proactive hygiene measures that remove seminal residue, menstrual blood, sweat and bacteria that contaminate the vagina.

Sometimes one judges the vagina from the outside and things seem alright, but after having sexual relations and introducing the male organ to the vagina and when it is time to bathe and the stench has stuck to you; you say, well it was decent on the outside but on the inside of the vagina it was rotten. We chose a female interviewer who had been extensively trained and had experience interviewing Latina women about vaginal hygiene and douching.

Juan, Thus men suggest that an unclean vagina is both unattractive and unhealthy.

Latinos are luckier in love

Failure to actively remove bacteria is a threat to the health of both the woman and her male partner. Here we sought to identify the socially and culturally shaped beliefs and attitudes that influence douching practices from the perspective of Latino men. Investigation in this little explored area is essential to fully understand the context of douching and to identify barriers to reducing douching behaviour.

Hector, Most men describe odour as often the only way to evaluate the state of vaginal health. That's why to me personal hygiene is really, really important. Little research has addressed the beliefs and practices of Latina women, and none has included the perspective of men, though limited data suggests that women may douche to please male partners.

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Of 13 Latino male participants, six completed the interview in Spanish. Core codes were anticipated before the data were collected, based on findings of interviews conducted with Latina women McKee et al and proprietors of Botanicas Anderson et al Core codes related to models of vaginal health and douching and included the social and personal contexts of douching, learning and communication around douching, importance attributed to douching, and preference for douching or non-douching women.

While the prevalence of douching has decreased among women in the US in the last two decades, douching remains a widespread practice and is more frequent is and more common among minority ethnic women and among women men lower socioeconomic status Cherpes et al The behaviour is associated with increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, Scholes et alWolner-Hanssen et al a major cause of infertility, chronic pelvic pain, and ectopic pregnancy Zhang et alScholes et alKendrick et al ; Chlamydia Trachomatis infection Peters et alFoch et al ; decreased fecundity Baird et al ; preterm delivery Bruce et al ; Herpes Simplex type 2 Cherpes et al ; and bacterial vaginosis Schwebke et alHolzman et al Although debate continues, the preponderance of evidence suggests that douching is neither necessary nor beneficial, and is mexican likely to be harmful Cherpes et alMartino et al Douching practices are shaped by social and cultural norms regarding female hygiene, reproduction, and sexuality; bed, messages about the potential risks of douching must be grounded in an understanding of the social context of douching.

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First, the vagina is a repository for sperm and menstrual blood, which are viewed as important sources of contamination and odour. A few of the men interviewed recognize that these s are not entirely infallible. Men participating in this study were patients attending a family medicine-staffed community health centre in the Bronx, New York. We retrieved blocks of coded data containing quotes from participants to illustrate the findings.

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The research associate a woman in her mid-forties, of Puerto Rican descent conducted interviews in English or Spanish as preferred by the participant. Markham et al conducted a survey of primarily minority, male and female alternative school youth.

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All men in our sample indicated that cleanliness is essential to maintain vaginal health. Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Thus, the shaving of pubic hair is described as a desired practice:.

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The most common of these traits are care for hair or nails:. After a while, semen can rot in less than three hours. Because you know… you need to clean all that backed up stuff that you have inside, you need to release that. For this exploratory study, we included men between the ages of 18 and 60, on the grounds that we were interested in describing views of sexually active adult men of Latino backgrounds, and were not interested in generating hypotheses related to age.

It's not something that just comes out in conversation. The first step of the analysis involved intensive readings of the interviews.

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Thus men indicate that good hygiene is necessary for sexually active women to remove sperm or menstrual blood:. Enrique, First of all you can tell by the smell, that's the main thing… you know she's not taking care of herself. Douching practices are shaped by social and cultural norms regarding female hygiene, reproduction, and sexuality.

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You know I mean it could come from, you know… menstruation, or stuff like that, or you know you have some situation… like sexual intercourse with like multiple partners. Participants ranged in age from 24—56 mean age Most respondents were of Dominican or Puerto Rican ancestry. Interviews conducted in Spanish were first transcribed, then translated into English by an experienced translator. Following a group process similar to that described by Miles and Huberman we subjected the data to a series of reductions to group similar responses and facilitate description and analysis.

Some go so far as to describe how odour can be used to determine whether sexual activity should occur:. Manuel, Many men also believe that pubic hair increases sweating, which is associated with an increase in bacteria and odour. Each participant provided informed written consent before being interviewed privately at the health centre.

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We present the quotes identifying each individual by an ased alias. The present study seeks to identify the socially and culturally shaped beliefs and attitudes that influence douching practices from the perspective of Latino men. Analysts ased provisional codes, then met to resolve differences and fine-tune the coding scheme.

This health centre serves a multiethnic working class population.

Vaginal hygiene and douching: perspectives of hispanic men

Learn More. Whenever questions arose, we returned to the tape to re-check the transcription and translation. Vaginal douching is widely practiced by women in the USA, particularly among minority ethnic groups, and is associated with increased risk of pelvic and vaginal infections.

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Two analysts coded each interview, then met to discuss and resolve any discrepancies in coding judgments. We approached a convenience sample of men who were present at the health centre for medical care, identified themselves as Latinos and as being sexually active with women, and who were fluent in either English or Spanish.

Her vagina should be shaved because just like a man a woman can sweat and cause a foul odour when there is too much pubic hair. I mean from my experience a woman should douche.

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Research with both African American Grimley et alOh et al and Latina women McKee et al suggests that douching is part of a comprehensive set of hygiene practices.