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Mlp s5 e7

Discord tries not to be jealous when Fluttershy brings a different friend to the Grand Galloping Gala. Discord : [On stage, attempting stand up comedy with a watermelon on a stool next to him] Knock knock! Discord : You're supposed to say "Who's there?

Mlp S5 E7

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How strange. It's liquid pride. Would that mean we weren't friends anymore?! That sounds like something Doof would use. Leave it alone!! Well, Apple Bloom can breathe better now that half of her muzzle no longer covered.

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Season 5 episode galleries. I'll never understand why Gallagher is considered a "comedian"? Make New Friends but Keep Discord.

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Tree Friend, is it? Treezie and I would love to talk to you more later!

Make new friends but keep discord

Your name is slipping my mind right now. And it looks like Rarity's shoes are going to be okay, too. Season four. And to think, it would never have happened Like, his senses are agitated. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. Guess Discord has reformed. It's a lovely dimension!

I have better things to do than to watch that thing all night. Season two. Season three. I'm simply going to send you to another dimension. Rarity, you don't even have visible private parts! Twinkleshinehow'd you get outside? I'm not going to hurt you. Row, row, row your Maud Gently down the ooze. He was never so considerate to give a pillow. I'd love to. Whoever wrote this joke was obviously a fan of Das Boot. You're worried Discord might be upset? We were all getting along so well! He's not agitated.

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Wiki policies and guidelines How to contribute Tips and tricks Contact an administrator. Season seven. I invited a friend to a party! Season eight. Tree Hugger Definitely not a stereotypical hippie. You don't remember me?

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Article workshop Placeholder name polls Core wiki activity Project forums Wiki discussion Chat discussion Speculation. It's true what they say. No respect. Tree Hugger, this is Discord. It looks like somepony wants to mingle. Uh, Discord, that's not very good for your teeth. The four of us should go out to dinner sometime!

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Universal Conquest Wiki. Oh, wait. AJ's used to just pulling Rainbow Dash's tail, now this.

Mlp, season 5, episode 7, “make new friends, but keep discord” editorial

I think I may actually grow to like this multiple-friend thing. Story of my life. Season nine. Can't sleep, clown will It's the Cutie Mark Crusaders' first time at the Gala.

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Who loves fancy exciting affairs more than anypony else? But funny how you remembered it that way. Hello, Discord. And you thought the human world was weird enough. I've just been heckled by a deadpan rock farm girl! Wait, are we watching Discovery Family or Nickelodeon?

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I didn't abandon you! History Talk 0. Appleoosa's Most Wanted.

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Wow, we haven't seen Apple Bloom in a usual dress! Season five. Green fire! Whatever happened to " Applejack cries on the inside, Twilight! Pinkie, that camera is expensive!! Looks like Discord's gone raw. I am quite looking forward What a glorious affair! I actually never said that.

But this financial quarter was going to be so good! It would just mean that I'd have different friends for different things It's so much more complicated than it looks. Season six.

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This is Discord we're talking about. Register Don't have an ? A startling appearance, even from an hono rary fellow Cutie Mark Crusader. Episode transcript. He's literally burning with envy! I spent the whole evening thinking about my own feelings and never thinking about yours. Morning, darling. How is smashing watermelon supposed to be humor? Explore Wikis Community Central. We're going to the Gala!