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My sweet roomies crystals

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My Sweet Roomies Crystals

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Feel free to romanticize them and have fun playing. They have six women here, some of the schoolgirls, some college ladies and some older women. The plot of the game is like the atmosphere of your own home. With a shared apartment, you play with them.

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With only a few apps and 2 other games under their belt, how will their first shot at a visual novel fair? Carry your waifu in your pocket with My Sweet Roomies!

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Story 3. You can only speed up the process by having a certain ticket you get in bonuses for an extra charge, recruit someone and up your token amount to 8 and reduce the wait till to only 3 hours, or spend a crystal. Also, once you have completed a part of a story you can go back a reread it at any time which is a nice touch.

Carry your waifu in your pocket with my sweet roomies!

Fun Factor 2. The cost of the microtransactions are just too much. I truly wish that there was a way I could have just bought the game and played at my own pace. Now to address my biggest concern with this gameā€¦the microtransactions.

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That is just outrageous! The stories themselves are, for the most part, nicely written though two major issues stand out rather horribly. Art 4. Then all the cliche antics ensue.

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As you go through the story, there are no choices to make which means you just along for the ride which is a bit of a shame. The story I had finished had a total of 10 secret stories and the epilogue with a grand total of 60 crystals. Each token takes 4 hours to recharge! All rights reserved. The snippets of the story make you want to and it lends itself well for being on mobile devices.

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Despite all my complaints on it, I do still like the game. Game information was freely provided by IGDB.

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But the other problem is that it takes so long to get through a story because of the recharging token system used. My Sweet Roomies! You can spend 5 crystals in the gacha to get an outfit to dress up your digital waifu in which is a nice touch. The only cool thing I can count the crystals for and what they really only be used of in my opinion is the gacha machine.

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Frustrating is not the half of it. The reading text is even on a layer behind the logo of the game on the bottom right corner which blocked some of the text from time to time which breaks the flow and is just overall sloppy. Sound 3.

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Posted on September 1, by Albireo. Basically, you have 6 tokens to watch small snippets of the story then you wait till you have more. Each follow some of the usual character archetypes being pop idol, smart beauty, athlete, shy younger girl, charming older woman, and the older motherly type.

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Once you finish a story, you can get an epilogue of your happy ending but that will run you 10 crystals. First off is the text which not only some pretty rough translations but more so the text runs so long it clips through the text bubble down toward the bottom of the screen. The basic gist of the story is the MC ends up homeless after starting college and his friend Aoi helps him out by arranging for him to move into the all girl sharehouse she lives in.

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The characters themselves do blink and move their mouths when they speak which is a nice touch though most of the time its like a fish out of water. The game allows you to pick from 1 of 6 girls to romance.