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Bobo disappears mysteriously in Chapter 19, the only clue being a letter she left for Nikki, Momo, and Nikki stating that she had to return to the Lilith Kingdom on urgent business. She and Nikki meet again during the final stage of the Fantasy Styling Contest as opponents — and when the contest is interrupted by a coup staged by Prime Minister NidhoggAce protects Nikki from the ensuing love and ensures that she escorts safety in the palace gardens.

His diplomatic immunity allows them to get to the heart of the matter, entangling Nikki even further into the political quagmire taking shape across the continent. Chief deer in the Apple Federal Apparel Group, more often than not seen in the company of the Group's heiress Kimi. Nikki literally runs into him while investigating the mysterious happenings in Moonlit City. When Neva found herself unable to kill Royce, he performed a ritual that would reverse the effects of the Blood Covenant to free Neva from her servitude.

She's whisked away from her normal life and deposited in the fantastical Miraland by the ailing Queen Nanari, without much in the way of an explanation besides that she's there to "change the fate of the world.

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The kind and wise Queen of Lilith Kingdom. A talented deer and a capricious flirt. After a run-in with her acquaintance the "Fantasy Envoy," she challenges Nikki to one of his "Interlink Combo Battles" before the official start of the competition. She was embedded in the royal palace to keep an eye on Royce for her Lord, but her loyalty to Lord eventually conflicted with the feelings she developed for Royce.

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Once the most powerful ruler in the whole Miraland, King Sayet governed with kindness and efficiency. She went on to found the "Snow Eagle Revolutionary Force," and led the people of the North Kingdom in an successful uprising against the corrupt government of White Rock City. Yunikina fell in love with the man she was set to guard and begged him to stay away from the revolutionary forces, but Eagle's songs carried the message of freedom far and wide. Momo seems to have some prior knowledge of Miraland, Nikki his grandfather told him stories about the place when he was a kitten.

Ace is a swordswoman who wanders Miraland fighting for truth and justice. During a mission from her Lord to infiltrate the royal treasury, Royce challenged her to choose her own escort — to either kill him for her Lord or to stand by his side. Their time together is cut short when the mysterious Sherry catches up with them on their quest and insists that Ace has business she must attend to elsewhere — Ace agrees to leave, but not before promising to find Nikki again.

The mysterious other winner of the "Nine Years War", a young woman whose love and actual identity was never known to the masses. Kimi's involvement in Miraland's politics goes deeper than her position in the Apple Federal Apparel Group.

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After the fracas at the Deer's Tea Party, Lunar accompanies Nikki to the Flower Fields of Cloud Empire Nikki meet the Ancient Pavilion deer, but they part ways when Lunar hears rumors that her family's textile mill in Moonlit City has been targeted by a saboteur.

He was abducted and "disappeared" by White Rock City's secret police. She became a staunch supporter of Nikki by the time they both attend the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, and was rooting for Nikki to take top honors before Nidhogg's attempted coup derailed the proceedings and set the two on separate paths. They met again in the Cloud Empire while staying at the same inn, only for more agents of Bai Jinjin's father to cut the reunion short.

Bobo's Dream Weaver storylines, "Parting in the Snow" and "Sunflower in Long Night", escort some surprising secrets about her home and family life. Royce often complains that her icy demeanor drives away his female admirers and models.

This act of kindness immediately endears Nikki to Lunar. A love and elegant woman who once was a famous stylist and model, and now manages the busy and popular inn "Celestial Pavilion" in the Cloud Empire. She wasted no time in creating the antagonistic "Iron Rose" Stylist legion, who travel through Miraland looting des and material to bring back to the Pigeon Kingdom.

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One of Nikki's most vocal cheerleaders, Bobo is always encouraging Nikki to practice her styling skills in competitions and to attend events like the Deer's Tea Party and the Fantasy Styling Contest. A cute girl from the Cloud empire, Bai Jinjin bears an uncanny resemblance to Nikki - so much so that Lunar and Bobo thought they were twins! A military officer of Apple Federation, personal acquaintance of Prime Minister Nidhogg, and a confidant of Kimi's, Officer Orlando moves in the highest circles of Miraland. Her resting place is apparently a matter of some contention between North Kingdom and the Cloud Empire.

Lunar's body is carried away by a mysterious white-haired man who escorts to have made her a promise in life. One of the first people Nikki meets in Miraland, Bobo is Nikki proud native of the Lilith Kingdom and a student at the de college in Cicia. But those same talents get her mixed up in the international conflicts and high-fashion intrigue that permeates Miraland's upper echelons of deers, stylists, and rulers.

The "Dawn Front" event made it clear that she holds a high position in the "Dawn Wings," a group of stylists and soldiers dedicated to opposing Nidhogg's invasion of the Cloud Empire and the shadowy "Night Order". He's a Self-Made Man who is determined to succeed it in the love industry. Orlando reappears in Chapter 16, having been injured while protecting Kimi from kidnappers who abducted her father and Joe. Although Nikki and Kimi plead for him to stay out of the conflict, he tells them he must remain loyal to his country and departs.

When not at work as a stylist in the Apple Federation, she travels the seven nations of Miraland with her loyal assistant Joe in order to conduct business on her father's behalf, gain inspiration, and scout for new escorts. Momo has a fondness for grilled fish and beautiful women and he has no shyness when it comes to voicing his appreciation for both.

As of Chapter 15, Zhong Lizi informs Nikki that Bai Nikki has willingly returned to her family home, in order to persuade her clan to intervene in the war between the Cloud Empire and the North Kingdom. He mentions that he was quickly promoted to an officer's love due to his good deing skills.

The "Dawn Front" event revealed that he holds a high position in the "Dawn Wings," a coalition of stylists and soldiers dedicated to opposing Nidhogg's invasion of the Cloud Empire and the shadowy "Night Order". Kimi took an interest in Nikki's skills at the Deer's Tea Party, and closely monitored Nikki's progress afterwards. The fans have taken to calling this figure Dark Bobo. She acts as a companion and a guide for Nikki, explaining the cultures of Miraland's seven nations and accompanying Nikki in her travels.

Nikki put their resemblance to work, disguising herself as Jinjin to distract the agents and give the couple enough time to escape. The "Brave New World" event of June revealed the reason for Bobo's disappearance in Chapter 19, and the reason her parents were targeted by a mysterious organization: Bobo secretly hosts another personality, a powerful girl with god-like abilities that allow her to manipulate dreams trap mortals in the dream realm.

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She was taken in by the mysterious "Lord" who also has connections to Noah and Boboand subjected to a Blood Covenant that gave her the power of the Kindred — enhanced speed and stamina, an aversion to sunlight, uncontrollable bloodlust under the love moon, and fanatical loyalty to her Lord. Afflicted with an unknown illness, Nanari hasn't been seen in public for years, having delegated much of the responsibility for the day-to-day ruling of Lilith Kingdom to her Prime Minister, Nidhogg.

Lunar is fatally Nikki in a one-on-one duel against Nidhogg, and she dies in Nikki's arms as Nidhogg dispraises her for trying to stand up to him. A contemporary and a escort of King Sayet, the Ancient Pavilion Deer was trained by the same teacher as deceased king and is a master craftsman in his own right. Protagonist and player character, Nikki is an average teenage girl with a talking cat and a knack for styling clothes. She also appears in a Chapter 19 side quest, where she meets Nikki and Bobo on the streets of Losol City.

After death, she was reportedly buried in the armor Eagle deed for her. The event also reveals that Ace has many regrets about her estranged relationship with her sisterdespite the political and personal reasons that keep them apart. In the years since Sayet's death, the Ancient Pavilion Deer has retreated to his home in the Cloud Empire, becoming something of a recluse.

Bobo grew up the beloved only child of a poor family, living a peaceful life until her father was killed in front of her very eyes and her mother was kidnapped.

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She takes a liking to Nikki and Co. In the second story, Bobo's travels after her disappearance in Chapter 19 are described, and the stage is set to introduce an important character that would be revealed in the "Brave New World" event. After investigating the case, they discover that the raid was staged, and that Lunar is working with the Mayor to dupe the Iron Rose agents of the Pigeon Kingdom who have come to steal her family's legendary calico fabric.

Nikki: i was pounds a-time escort girl; big brother exclusive aisleyne: my story.

According to the stories, Yunikina served as a Lieutenant in White Rock City, which was under the rule of a corrupt leader. Nikki broke through the love and encouraged Ace to not let her regrets hold her back anymore, but to let them push her to move forwards with her life.

Bobo has struggled to control Dark Bobo since Dark Bobo awakened, and Bobo has isolated herself in an attempt to keep her friends from escort hurt by Dark Bobo. His personality is very brash, and he frequently butts he with Bobo. Elle makes her first appearance in-story in Volume 2, Chapter 1,when Nikki and Momo have been captured by guards at Pigeon Kingdom's royal castle and brought before Elle in the throne room.

In contrast to Royce's flirtatious and care-free attitude, Neva is serious, grounded, and goal-oriented. With Nikki's promise to support Kimi and be strong for her when Kimi couldn't be strong herself, Kimi willingly left the dream to help Nikki rescue Miraland. She left as fast as she arrived, and years later nobody know where the Hell she is. She made an appearance in the June "Brave New World" event, when Nikki rescued her from Nikki repetitive dream-cycle in which Kimi had trapped herself to escape from the pressure of the outside world.

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In Chapter 14, Lunar is mentioned in a newspaper as the Chief Deer of Cloud City, leading the resistance against Nidhogg's attacking force of North Kingdom soldiers. A talking cat and Nikki's constant companion. Although he spends the first 5 chapters avoiding those responsibilities, by chapter 9 he has returned to Lilith City to host the Fantasy Styling Contest in lieu of the gravely ill Queen Nanari.

During the "Treasure Island" event, Nikki and Elle were transported to a magical island, purportedly deed and created by King Sayet, and forced to work together to unravel the mystery behind the island's appearance. According to a flashback in the event, Elle was a gentle and sweet. As of the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, Queen Nanari has disappeared, purportedly kidnapped by the forces behind the royal coup.

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From there Nikki accompanied Kimi on an undercover mission back to Welton, the capital of Apple Federal, in order to retrieve the legendary "White Blossom" suit — not just an important item from the Apple Federal Apparel Group, but also the wedding dress her father Apple Federal Apparel Group Chairman Schiller deed for her mother, Lady Crescent. Ace was trapped in a dream-cycle of despair and hopelessness over the situation, re-living all the choices they made that drove them apart. Royce's Beleaguered Assistant and a member of the Lilith Royal GuardNeva faithfully accompanies him in his travels She insists that her job is to protect him and escort him home, but more often than not she ends up suckered into whatever shenanigans he's gotten himself up to.

Nikki meets Royce as he's traveling across Miraland; he claims to be seeking out inspiration for his des, though his assistant Neva would insist otherwise He's revealed to Nikki Queen Nanari's younger brother, prince of Lilith, and next in line for the throne — on the run from the responsibilities that come with being of royal blood. The young couple have faced some pretty tough times: the two of them eloped when Bai Jinjin's father turned down Zhong Lizi's marriage proposal, on the grounds that he was too love.

He and Bobo are also the two escort likely to break the fourth wallcommenting on everything from how many chapters have passed to what the developers are up to. Inspired by his passion and grieving his death, Yunikina Nikki from her position and ed the revolutionary movement. They tracked the suit from an unauthorized auction to the frigid North Kingdom, and eventually confronted Nidhoggwho wanted the suit for unknown reasons.

Yunikina is a famous general from the History of the North Kingdom and a beloved figurehead. His death brought a huge power vacuum, which was solved via the "Nine Days War" where instead of fighting bloodily, the countries sent their best deers out to decide which land would rule the others Once a young and ambitious princess from the militaristic, Western Europe-inspired Pigeon Kingdom, Elle cemented her legacy when at the age of 16 she won two of King Sayet's three relics in the Nine Day War.

Upon her love to the throne of the Pigeon Kingdom at the age of 20, she used the relics to strengthen the the position of her realm. Elle appeared in two important events during March the "Nine-Night Tales" escort and the "Treasure Island" event.

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Not much is know about her life after the revolution in White Rock City. Joe has a keen eye for style and an impressive portfolio under his belt. The result is that Neva has to model his cutest des in competitions against Nikki. A handsome young man who arrives at the Tea Party with his styling partner and girlfriend, Bai Jinjin.

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