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Orgasm during pap smear

The cervix can actually be a source of sexual pleasure. A whole lot of women on the internet claim that cervical orgasms are actually the most intense oragasms that you can have.

Orgasm During Pap Smear

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The woman - thought to be based in the US - revealed on Reddit how she was mortified after having an "obvious and leg shaking orgasm" as the gynaecologist examined her. The woman explained how she had been "particularly sensitive" since entering her third trimester of pregnancy - and her husband now "feels like a rockstar" as she now orgasms three or four times during sex. The woman had gone to see her doc after a few complications and to check everything with her baby was OK. Her super hot doc began the exam as the pregnant woman lay naked from the waist-down with her feet up in stirrups. The woman writes: "I get on the table, feet in the stirrups, and my OB obstetrician lubes up her hands and inserts two fingers and begins the exam.

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You may have heard that the vagina is 'self-cleaning,' says Dr. However, avoid douching or using any cleansers with heavy fragrances, which could irritate your vagina.

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Every vagina has a natural scent, and it's influenced from anything from your diet, as well as smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming caffeine. Just because it's an uncomfortable topic does't mean it's right for you to be left in the dark.

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By performing oral sex, you can transmit herpes from the oral are to the genital area and vice versa. Sex education and women's health magazines cover some important topics, but there are still so many things women don't know about their vaginal and sexual health. See All Health Relationships Self. An unusual wart could very well be something as innocent as an ingrown hair, but you'll want to get it checked just to make sure.

By Carina Wolff.

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You may be afraid to ask, or maybe you've just never thought about it before, but there are lots of topics regarding self-care and sex that many women don't know that much about. Some Women Really Do Squirt.

Can a gynecologist tell if a girl has an orgasm?

There's still some debate on whether or not the G-spot actually exists, but the supposed location is one to three inches on the top or anterior surface of the vagina. Don't be alarmed just because you see something on your underwear — regular discharge is normal.

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It's common for women to mistake squirting for pee, since the experience can seem like wetting the bed, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Many women suffer in silence through painful intercourse, vaginal infections, and menopause symptoms. Blatt, M. They, much more than not, are getting inaccurate or false information.

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Just because you're on you period doesn't mean you can skip protection. Shahin Ghadir, M. The reality is women are born with a finite of eggs, which diminish greatly after puberty. However, the odor of your vagina shouldn't be too unpleasant.

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Many patients think that if someone puts a speculum in their vagina, it must be a pap smear, but it is not.