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Postal 2 hd mod

The mod will be splitten into three episodes - just like the original game. Features EP I : - mixture of DOOM's atmosphere and Postal's brutality - five maps consiting of reimagined levels from DOOM EP I - re-recorded soundtrack including new tracks - 2 hidden stages from different classic shooters - new weapons: Incinerator - a modified shotgun that sets demons on fire Rip and Tear - shred demons into pieces with your bare hands ElectroGun - machine gun that stuns enemies - great for larger groups of enemies stun and then finish them off with another weapon. All rights go to their respective owners.

Postal 2 Hd Mod

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Live a week in the life of "The Postal Dude"; a hapless everyman just trying to check off some chores.

Years old: 41
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
What is my gender: I am woman
My figure type: I'm chubby
What I prefer to drink: Brandy
Piercing: None

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Again Read me very important 1. Paste this mod archive in pc Mod cyberpunk load you with Cat Save editor.

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Read me: Today I Create Postal 2 Dude Player Swap V this was very hard i hope you like it, It cost me a mega lot of effort, there are a few minor rig bugs but on that I will still work on it soon, unfortunately there is no time at the moment but more will be improved I hope you like it other mods from other games in youtube search Tanerseto Love Greetings yours.

Tip: it is best to play with a trainer because it is actually a naked model so that he is not knocked out immediately hahahaa Tip 2: Remove all Clothes mods or anythings Mods what ever Clothes etc is a big mod the Postal 2 Dude. Postal 2 Dude Swap for V Description: 1.

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Take a look at the descriptions and think of the ways the Postal 2 Dude Swap for V mod can help you solving the issue or becoming more efficient. Looking for opportunities to update the Cyberpunk ?

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