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Ren and stimpy shampoo master

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Ren And Stimpy Shampoo Master

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This article may contain content unsuitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This article may contain content that is disturbing, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, etc.

Age: I am 35
Ethnicity: Nicaraguan
Iris color: Bright blue eyes
I can speak: English, Polish
Figure type: My body features is quite muscular
I like to drink: Vodka
Piercing: None

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However, some scenes will have to be kept in for continuity. Fans were also disappointed, mostly by the first episode, Onward and Upward.

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Unlike the original series produced by Nickelodeon, John K. With the pressures of censorship gone, he could make the show the way he always intended. CUT - No sex scene. Also, the edited fade out after Stimpy jumps off the couch is gone.

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Most were horrified by the extreme gross out nature of this episode, feeling they had gone too far. In which Ren and Stimpy are portrayed as a gay couple. Fade out to Ren and Stimpy in the locker room.

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The original episodes suffered massively from poor gags and slow pacing, but most of all, the plots were stretched far too long. Intention of the Edit: To re-create a similar atmosphere to the original series, while still keeping the adult nature of the show.

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When the show finally aired init was seen by most people as a failure. It was no surprise that the series was eventually cancelled after only three episodes, with another three episodes remaining unaired.