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Rwby roman x neo

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Rwby Roman X Neo

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Rwby roman torchwick x neo tribute mp3 download (6 mb) lyrics

He dared to let his vanity doom him. Roman stared at this in utter bewilderment before leaning back in his chair and lighting a cigar. View this post on Instagram. I dominated the world plenty of times! He just kept straight up forgetting -- they were watching themselves on TV, laughing about the coverage of their recent ridiculous robbery and eating spicy hot wings from the Cuckoo Crazy Chicken Shack.

Neo had already noticed that Roman never referred to the late Jimmy Vanille as her dad. He could hardly summon the patience. What a wonderful human being.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This is more of a silly trope I was going to use for a fanfic but I thought I would include it Every year around autumn time when Starbucks announces the return of their pumpkin spice latte, Roman and Coco always rival over who will get it first. She really was the brains of their partnership He was staring again, at her instead of the television.

They quickly saw it as home. Hell, sometimes the world dominated me too! Every once in a while I obsess over Gelato Roman x Neo so But something about kissing Neo was special, something not to be messed up or done lightly like every other young woman he had kissed. A cyberpunk AU set in Remnant's distant future where the grimm are extinct and replaced by the rumor-born cryptids, people warp their bodies to be everything from dangerous to perfect, and huntsmen are both feared and revered as a hereditary elite.

Manifests Farmer!

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He could see the scene barely, through a gap in one of the distant boarded windows. Roman froze and listened. So Roman stood up in order to head towards his bedroll in the corner.

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I honestly don't know what to do about him! His cover story was that he stared into space when he was really tired. SO DO I. Hello RWBY fandom.

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Neo, ing: Have to. Jaune points at Neo who blows him a kiss as she smiles lustfully at him. In fact, I did it last night too.

Mute (a roman torchwick and neopolitian fanfiction)

Neo was mute yet Roman could hear her say it. It was dilapidated and falling apart but it was only as broken as each of them were before they found each other.

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Neo and Roman found it a week after the skirmish at the Vanille mansion. Roman pinpointed the moment she showed him the fabulous outfit she had made for him as that oh moment that you read about in romance novels.

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She must have been doing airplane arms before she slapped him. Roman closed and opened his eyes. Roman is a fan of spicy food but Neo hates it so whenever he cooks he keeps it plain for her and keeps all the spices for himself.

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Long one shot under the cut. Visit Blog. He was fearless. Even if that meant tearing a bloody swath through Vale and upset the balance of the entire city-state. He had been catching feelings ever since she saved his life in the alley where she first showed off her semblance, and then more and more as they spent time together.

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This was the first time that Roman was thinking about someone else while watching his own name flash across the screen. OP's caption: "I've wanted to draw Neo in pink and white culottes neo a long time, now, so I'm happy I ended up roman it". Thanks in advance! She then changed back into herself and shrugged her shoulders with her hands up as if to ask him why. When Neo gave him a book to read, he skipped to the end. About Privacy Policy. He felt the panic in his heart, he tried to slip out the window but his forehead met a gun as it cocked with a click. Roman is actually a very good cook and does his best to make healthy food for himself and Neo.

Their cat Rascal always sits on the counter roman Roman makes his morning coffee. He accidentally stole a book once. What happened to the young girl I knew that wanted to dominate the world? Neo would use her semblance to escape captivity easily and they would have cheated the system. Neo was too unpredictable.

It had seemed like a lifetime ago since Roman had planned a heist without Neo, and he neo himself at a loss because of it. Her chaos was part of her charm, always doing the unexpected, but Roman was absolutely lost as to when he should make his move, if at all. Gelato AU into existence: Roman doesn't die in Beacon but instead ditches Cinder and the gang after Neo broke him out; they go into hiding in the countryside, decide to farm as a front while they continue their criminal dust-stealing Rwby in secret.

She crossed her hands over her heart, then offered her hands to him. Is anyone interested or am I just gonna be posting it? But then you started dating that cereal girl and you changed. I did it bunch of times actually. This street was a terrible place for an above-board business and even the Vale Government had let it rot, too small and inconsequential to be made into a factory or a warehouse of any sort.

He was catching feelings for her, and there was no doubt about it. They had a good thing going here, after all, and for Rwby he knew he could kiss her one second and be knocked out cold the next. He could do this. He was Roman Torchwick, after all, the fabulous, the famous.

Neo nodded and ran off to get caught by the police. Their hands were literally tied and Roman might have found a way to fight his way out of this but hey, he had never seen the interior of the Vale Police Department before. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Not that he read.

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No no not at all Roman: You know, you used to be a great thief. He was clever and could get any girl he wanted, even the best of the best that stood in front of him. He had to do it right. Biologically he was her dad but he never treated her like a daughter. Yang and Jaune as they fight their way through cyborgs, psychics, dust mages, actual mages, body-modded silvers, and cryptids in the name of unstoppable revenge. She mimed sleep, resting her head on hands that touched palms.

But it seems the police caught on. I lost count by now.

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Roman: Yes you have. Neo, in his image of course, stood with her hands in surrender. One of the best I knew. Neo watched him with a suspicious eye. He was perfectly able to steal one of course, especially since the Vale City Mall had the most pathetic security.

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Their strategy had worked twice already, a disguised Neo getting arrested as Roman fled to a rendezvous location. He knew what that meant. But Neo nodded in understanding. She stuck out her tongue. I actually prefer it that way!

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Just two cuties chilling, in a farm, totally not up to any criminal activity! He had to be confident about this, he absolutely had to. He turned around in case Neo had anything to add but she only stood up and paced towards him, using her semblance to change into Roman Torchwick himself. Roman looked at the mirrored version of himself as Neo made fun of the way he had been acting, staring with a blank expression, losing his train of thought.

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Neo was the reader.