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Sarah butler i spit on your grave scene

The film ended up being banned in several countries after being condemned by critics for its graphic violence. Three decades later, director Steven R.

Sarah Butler I Spit On Your Grave Scene

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By Frank Scheck. The following is a description of a pivotal scene from a new movie: A young woman has an older man tied up on his knees, with a steel pipe shoved up his rectum. Having apparently done some good deeds in a life, this reviewer possesses sufficiently good karma to have avoided seeing any of them until now.

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The original film got by on its raw intensity alone, an element of the original film that was helped immensely by its low budget, which gave it an almost-documentary-style feel to it. As such, the "I Spit on Your Grave" seems to more or less conform to these current torture-porn movie standards, with Sarah Butler's Jennifer Hills character torturing her attackers in elaborately gruesome ways before finally executing them altogether.

Trivia In the final shooting script, Jennifer was intended to arrive at the cabin with her dog and it was to be featured heavily during the introduction of the film.

I spit on your grave

Technical specs Edit. Dolby Digital. Published by Charles Mooney, Jr. User reviews Review. Chad Lindberg Matthew as Matthew. FAQ 2. Storyline Edit.

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It's a much better-made film, with better acting, writing and directing, and has better special effects. Aug 31 Den of Geek.

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As such, he made a film that while it had an extremely low budget and no-name performers though Camille Keaton was the grand-daughter of Hollywood acting legend Buster Keatonwas nonetheless compelling, challenging, and shocking. It's less raw and rugged, but it's somehow slightly more enjoyable.

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Daniel Franzese Stanley as Stanley. Well, movie critic Roger Ebert gave the film no stars and has been behind efforts to have the film both banned and blacklisted. For one, the original "I Spit on Your Grave" and its remake are very much products of their time; Meir Zarchi, who directed the original and was also involved in the production of this film, was reportedly inspired to make the film after his encounter with a young rape victim back in the '70s.

Did you know Edit. Watch the video. But because horror films have been getting increasingly gorier in the wake of the "Saw" and "Hostel" films and their like-minded imitators in the "torture porn" sub-genre of horror, the violence here is really not all that shocking. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples. These are things that the original "I Spit on Your Grave" originally titled "Day of the Woman" and its remake of the same name, directed by Steven R. Monroe, have in common. According to the director Steven R. Monroe"The dog would have made more money than anybody on the movie.

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Mollie Milligan Mrs. Storch as Mrs. Saxon Sharbino Chastity as Chastity. Top credits Director Steven R. Trailer I Spit on Your Grave: Trailer 1. Sarah Butler Jennifer as Jennifer. Release date January 20, Argentina.

It was raw, brutal, and ugly; and it was also saying something about victims and their attackers. Jeff Branson Johnny as Johnny. Director Steven R. Adam Rockoff screenplay Meir Zarchi based on the film by. Alternate versions The UK cinema version was cut by 43 secs for an 18 certificate. The dog was written out of the script last minute because hiring a trained dog for the intended shooting schedule would put the movie over budget. Jennifer : So was I.

In. Play clip Horror Thriller. Tracey Walter Earl as Earl.

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Two days later, she is brutally gang raped by three local bigots, the sheriff and a handyman. These included 'softer' ie zoom-in shots during the rape scenes which cropped detailed footage of Jennifer's bare breasts and behind, as well as camcorder footage of Jennifer being forced to dance, closeups of her being forced to suck on a gun and a glass bottle, and a shot of her blouse being opened with a rifle barrel. Louisiana, USA. Cinetel Films Anchor Bay Films. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content.

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The writer Jennifer Hills rents an isolated lakeside cabin in the woods of the peaceful Mockingbird Trail for two months to write a novel. Quotes Storch : [crying] She's just an innocent girl! A writer who is brutalized during her cabin retreat seeks revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.

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I remember watching the original "I Spit on Your Grave" earlier this year and thinking that it packed one hell of a visceral punch while also carrying quite an angry proto-feminist slant. The one benefit of this is that a much longer time frame passes before Jennifer gets her sweet revenge, which makes her actions and subsequent transformation from victim to victor a little bit more believable. Top review. By comparison, Monroe's film doesn't carry the same visceral punch to the gut that Zarchi's original did. On the other hand, though, she's given to making cheesy slasher movie-style one-liners as she tortures her former tormentors to death.

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How shocking, you ask? Steven R. More like this. Goofs While Jennifer is torturing Stanley and zooms the camera and says "Smile pretty for the camera," someone is visible behind Stanley behind the trees. Sep 19 Flickeringmyth.


Andrew Howard Storch as Storch. Rated R for pervasive strong sadistic brutal violence, rape and torture, nudity and language. Anyone who watches the film with an open mind will indeed find a powerful and angry film, one that takes no prisoners, nor does it try to play it safe for the safety and comfort of the audience. It's Date Night. The original film, made in the wake of women's liberation, was also slammed as feminist propaganda - allegedly because it features a lone female exacting vengeance on her all-male gang of attackers.

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Related news. Clip Photos Top cast Edit.


Box office Edit. It was meant to shock, horrify, and provoke strong reactions and discussions. Top Gap. Edit. While sharing the same set-up - about a beautiful young novelist from the city named Jennifer Hills played by Sarah Butler here, Camille Keaton in the original who retreats to the backwoods to write her latest novel and is assaulted by a gang of country lowlifes and later exacting brutal, bloody systematic revenge against them - the remake is still very much a very different film.

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Details Edit. Storch : [crying] She's just an innocent girl! It is still, however, a valiant remake that was not a complete waste of time like most horror movie remakes. The one drawback, however, was the original Jennifer Hills's all-too-convenient transformation from victim to avenger in too short a time frame. DVD releases also feature the same cut print. Runtime 1h 48min. Day of the Woman. Rodney Eastman Andy as Andy. Jennifer returns later to revenge against the rapists.

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United States.