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Semen stains in underwear

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Semen Stains In Underwear

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I'm trying my hardest though. Sometimes it's thick and crustysometimes it's thin, sometimes it's white-ish and sometimes it's cleaar And also just so you know maybe it is there sometimes and othertimes not because she wore a pantyliner one day and not the other. I left for work before she was up and normally, something that usually makes her clam up or act skittish around me the first time I see her the next day.

Big semen stain in your underwear

I was horrified to read you had actually approached her about it! For me, I only notice as I am the only one doing laundry. We still have our days when our mind gets us to wondering and makes us paranoid. However, on the few occasions it creeps up on me, it does dry on my panties with a whitish color.

She was going out dancing a lot so its possible she was doing what comes naturally with someone because she certainly wasn't doing it with me.

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Replied by kenmoore on topic unexplained stains in her panties Not a lady but if you want to know and not buy a semen detection kit buy a black light from any Spencer's store. The line being that distincition between healthy suspicioun and unhealthy obsession.

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Regardless of where she is in her cycle, her panties always look as if she has barely worn them; little if any discharge. My wife and I were still under the same roof but somewhat estranged. The natural, acidic, pH of your vagina acts to prevent infections. Now I am not in any way saying that feminine discharge cannot look as such, so don't jump to conclusions right away.

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What am I supposed to think? Semen will show up under that light. OR like I said before maybe there was just less that day.

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Honestly I really feel for the 'partner' of the person in this thread that had to defend herself against 'stains' in her panties! Replied by moodyj3 on topic unexplained stains in her panties Thanks alot ladies. There isn't really a reason to worry I guess, we are just getting over some tough past issues, and as you all well know, that takes time. Thanks again!

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I wasn't really looking for it but she just used to leave them there and you couldn't miss it. I went into the laundry to wash some clothes and saw a pair of panties there with very thick discharge in the crotch area.

I have alot of "checks and balances" in place and so far she has been honest and right on target. The acidic nature of your vagina is caused by natural, good, bacteria produced by your body. I never let it bother me too much because I always hoped we would reconcile and we did which makes me very happy.

I didn't accuse her, just asked her if that was normal because when I do laundry, I notice it.

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Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End 1 2 3. Replied by Bella on topic unexplained stains in her panties Vaginal discharge is completely normal and so very common.

She showers and goes to bed before me. Next evening, I go to do the laundry and her panties have a thick chauckly white line black panties, hard to miss with what looks like a soaked through spot at the top of the cotton liner, that is hard.

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I wouldn't reccomend taking this line of questioning to anyone unless there was several other factors that supported your 'suspicions'. Healing just isn't really a fast process with cheaters and compulsive liars. I thought it was probably dried semen but wasn't sure. On a side note: When it comes to dried semen, whether it on panties, towels, etc.

I ejaculated in a couple of pairs of my underwear and my parents put them in the washing machine, now i’m really worried about will the semen contaminate the other clothes? and will the stains come out of the underwear?

When your vagina is healthy, the vagina keeps itself clean and in a healthy state by producing secretions of normal vaginal discharge. My fiancee is really, really clean. We have a fight the night before, and up to bed without resolution. I've always noticed that it dries almost clear and has a shiny, almost wet look to it. Replied by Anonymous on topic unexplained stains in her panties There's the big question.

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I woulnt worry too much about it. Then days like yesterday. Again, normally she up and out the door. Replied by horrified female on topic unexplained stains in her panties Guys, I get that whatever history you have in your relationships has made you paranoid and edgy-but checking every pair of your partners panties for 'stains' is teetering a LITTLE bit far over the 'line' imo. Powered by Kunena Forum. Anonymous Visitor. Seriously it is normal for there to be stains in your wifes underwear.

I had the same experience about 6 years ago. I went to her with the same question after this post, and she gave me the same answers that all of you did.

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She's still there isn't she? Very noticeable on darker panties. How degrading and humilating for her. I, personally, do not discharge much at all no matter the time of month. Honestly I think if you start questioning your wife over this you're going to damage her respect for you and possibly even lower her self esteem so if you have any hope of 'getting through' this stuff that's brought on these suspiciouns in the first place DO NOT start interrogating them about stains in their panties!

Some ladies have a little, some a lot.

I noticed it a of times after that. Instead, I see her at my work she works two doors down, all smiles, perfect makeup she works in the back of her office and hates wearing makeuphappy to see me and two hours after she got up. Thank you ladies all again for the fast response, and if any of you need any feedback on how the male mind works I failed my first marriage over cheating and lying, but have made HUGE changes in my life and I treat my new woman with the utmost respect!

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