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Silent hill pt gif

PT is a game that is mostly about exploring the same creepy hallway over and over again. But at the very end, players do get a peek at the outside world and get a small glimpse of the town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Pt Gif

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Pierce Turner October 27, Here we will be taking a look back at everything spooky in both film and video games and analyze how horror has evolved over the last century.

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As visible in the end of P. The playable teaser for Silent Hills was claimed to be toned down graphically, yet still, it takes you through scenes that appear very close to real. By Fahad Arif. PlayStation 4 Fimware Update 9.

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New Silent Hills P. Subscribe to our newsletter. During Sony's Gamescom pre-show conference, the platform holder took the wraps off what looked liked a brand new interactive horror IP called P. However, it was later discovered through the demo of the game that it was just a teaser P. You can check out how real Silent Hills P. It is still not crystal clear that Konami really planned to reveal a new title, that is now known as Silent Hills, when they announced P.

It looks like the developer thought that fans won't be able to break the code very soon by completing the demo of the game that was made available for PlayStation 4 console, but contrarily, fans didn't take more than 24 hours to get to the end of the demo and unlock the proof that P. After going through P. Details on the upcoming title are scarce, but we do know this that the game is currently being developed at Kojima Productions, and Guillermo Del Toro is lending a helping hand.

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Aug 22, EDT. Share Tweet Submit. Hideo Kojima, a very conversant Japanese video game creator, is well-known for his video game marketing tactics. Note that the GIF provided below has gone through a fair amount of compressions, and the quality is not the same as the original demo on the PlayStation 4 console, but still, this Silent Hills GIF looks way better and shows the true power of Fox Engine running on Sony's latest PlayStation 4 console.

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Thanks to Reddit user Bakariewe have a fine in-game Silent Hills scene in form of a GIF with brightness turned up a bit, and it amazingly looks like a real-life sequence.