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Skullgirls valentine and parasoul

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Skullgirls Valentine And Parasoul

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A basic ground chain ending in a special cancel. This combo will get you used to doing charge motions in combos. After you input 5HP, be sure to hold 1 the down-back position so you have a charge ready for [2]8HK.

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Liam said:. Smile Just Monika.

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Just take your time playing this game, and you'll understand what most of us are saying. What are my reversal options? TheFatman I sold my soul to Eliza. Her best ratio in order imo is Trio, Solo, Duo. Solo her access to easy oki and DOT vial allows for tods on incoming with 3 bar, which is strong. Which sucks because she is a defensive character in an offensive game. And he paired up with certain assists makes her extremely tricky to beat.

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I feel Val is one of the better balanced characters in the game, and she is well geared towards a versus style game. But Robo does have an armored normal and actually excels at zoning and being defensive, with a good backdash and op lasers. Peacock is a next beast by herself, having a dp and mortal kombat teleport, more great defensive tools. New posts. Also, that is almost entirely all wrong.

Who do you main, and why?

Forums New posts Search forums. Ninja [Jazzy Diamonds]. Triblue Active Member. So everyone says, well Val is good because she has good resets. It solves the reversal problem as well as letting you get vials mid-combo. The only other defensive chars I can think of are Robo and Peacock. Search forums.

Fatboyute said:. Search Advanced….

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Ignoring everything else that is wrong here, Shin is was? Any character can reset, but an offensive character need good mixups in neutral. Lex Skill pending. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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Crap PBGS and her reversal level 1 will get fucked by anything from the air. She is extremely versatile and her rushdown is some of the scariest in the game. Her neutral may seem defensive, but it is to get advantage and then go in.

Oh and her defensive options suck. Except that's Robo. Looks like that goes into air L Cross, which should be enough to hit confirm. Countervenom is super good and very underused. Duo she doesn't benefit in anyway outside of damage and health, and with how optimized teams and shells are getting, its not enough to warrant using as much as the others imo. HiroProtagonest said:. Log in.

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Reactions: cjomegas Mr Peck that UK Peacock player. Ravioli Filia Fukua and a Gundam. Rabbleflaggers Buh. Real Talk. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. In the corner she is scarier than Filia IMO.

That is great damage. I think Val's solid middle of the pack tbh. You mean like Valentines 18F overhead?

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Is it the backdash airdash? Double jumping, air dashing, and throwing dead crosses all make the opponent think twice since if they even block the cross, then valentine gets to act a little sooner and go on the offensive if she wants.

Parasoul stories

What is Val's non-crossup overhead? You will get stuck in the blender. She has an instant overhead as fast as Filia's, a great throw, great cross-ups and lag vial. Val is fine. BTW she has good mixups in neutral. Strengths Valentine has DOT vial, input delay vial, easy oki s. Install the app. Search titles only. Wow everyone has resets!!!


Weaknesses Her antiairs are slow, her hitboxes interact oddly with alot of the cast, most of her combos and confirms have character specific timings, her supers aren't great really not great as dhcs eitherher hurtbox is deceptively wide, really reliant on assists, her moves with good hitboxes require assists to convert and the others are just not great, etc. As always, quality post. EKG, Counter, level 3 and sometimes scalpels then ask that instead of making a long rant that you know will not get useful responses.

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So yeah, Valentine the character that excels at being defensive, but has no defensive tools. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. As part of the relaunch of Skullheart, ALL thre have been archived. You are using an out of date browser.

Val sucks. For your concern, I think it's just a matter of experience. Like, she sucks. Huh, a Val-only airdash shortcut. You can find them at the bottom of the forum in the Archives section. Val's really good. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.


Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Val's overhead is way slower to the floor making it much harder to see anyway. ed Oct 23, Messages 2, Reaction score 3, Points Last edited: Jul 3, Reactions: CursedSaiyancjomegasLex and 1 other person.

HiroProtagonest Splatoonatic. Magma Get ready for a Showstopper! Rabbleflaggers said:. The archives are locked, so please use the new forum sections to create new discussion thre. Can't even convert off it either. Reactions: iControlthederphogscottvincent and 5 others.

That's what makes her good. Thread starter Fatboyute Start date Jul 1, Fatboyute New Member. Smh if you don't play Val with hornet bomber. Here's a bit of a more detailed response: - EKG and counter are her main reversals and her other supers all have situational use as reversals as well. I think you mean lower.

Valentine is among the worst characters in the game

Also, if it were so easy to do what Sonic does, then more people would be doing it and he wouldn't be so consistent. Thanks for the laughs. Some of you should answer with real answers.

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Aden Beep Boop Meow. If you want advice on playing Val e. Only one forward? She can't open people up and her character is basically about playing lame and resetting people to death.