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Soggy biscuit story

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Soggy Biscuit Story

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Everyone knows that frat bros and upper-class boarding school twits have been glazing cookies with their bodily fluids forever. Or is that rumor just a load of… well, you know? But despite the differences in title, the core components remain the same: a bunch of dudes standing around a biscuit or cookie, as you would sayjerking off, with the last guy to finish having to eat the newly frosted comestible. The somewhat more respectable writer, actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry, the U.

How old am I: 26
Orientation: Hetero
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Knowing what I do about your lot it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if some of the boys didn't play to lose.

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I love that first one, this one's worth a look too - it's hard to believe the Aussies didn't invent it! You posh folks are f'ed up. Incidentaly did you ever discus this with your army chums and if so did you keep it to the officers? I wonder if you ever see these people again after you have left school. So many questions. I have to the rugby team! I'd much rather that sort of thing remains a little peculiar.

slutty floozy Promise

In Register. Now I'm feeling a little bit ill.

passionate females Kamila

I'm sorry but it's a sad day when one can say that standing around with a bunch of ones friends, furiously pumping away at the veiny love tree to see who will be the last to shoot his muck all over a rich tea biscuit has become a "normal" activity. Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

white gal Mary

I don't even want to know what you'd get up to with a jammy dodger. Presumably someone lost.

gorgeous milf Zainab

Really though, just yuck. Do you introduce yourself to him, get to know the wife and. A Posts: 6, Forum Member.

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In the food and drink forum, there is a thread asking which is your favourite biscuit. Yes someone lost, normally it was the same boy.

sweet single Florence

It wasn't traumatic, I never lost. Bet you cant look at a custard cream without flinching. You know what they say about those who protest too much, don't you Bom Diddly Wo? You people are bloody odd.

Also it's good to use a biscuit with a large surface area like a Chocolate Digestive and it should never be a Party Ring Bom Diddly Wo wrote: ». I'd like an explanation tbh. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't fancy any of them now. Good to see that the British public school system is churning out top calibre people to go forth and run the country. Say to the eldest "Hey I remember your dad when he was eating chocolate hobnobs covered in spooge" Honestly, what would you say?

Soggy biscuit

I didnt think it was very sexy, or a very good culinary tip either. Would you have been able to get away with letting the rif raff know? I've had to google a couple of things from this thread. DGSx wrote: ». Yep I think this is correct.

I always suspected that being upper class was beneath me and you have certainly gone some way to convincing me that I'm right about that. Besides isn't there a twinge of sadness that something so exotic could lose its mystique? What would you say to them. I did it once at school, I lost and hate to eat it, I enjoyed it as I had a crush on two of my mates back then.

talent moms Avalynn

Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. I hope it was worth it. System Posts: 2, Forum Member.

white sister Cali

My god is that what an expensive education gets you? You rich people, you really do live in anothe bloody world don't you. There was a technique used to delay his ejaculation that involved talking in great detail about what we would like to do to his sister I see him quite often, we engage in normal conversations, I told the biscuit game story at his wedding I have no idea if his children know, I imagine they will once they get to school? Custard Cream wouldn't have enough surface area Yep I have talked about it with other officers You have obviously never been in a military bar or mess when there is a naked bar, or any mess games In or Register to comment.

Isn't it all just an excuse for the closet homosexual to make a macho 'safe' appearance?

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Money really doesn't buy class does it? Just say you meet up with the poor guy that used to loose in the deli at Harrods and he's there with his lovely wife and children assuming of course that your public school games never made this eventuality an impossibility for the poor sod what do you say?

Hey there!

eye-candy biatch Emmaline

Has anyobne else tasted thier own? Yes but is it worth the trade off for not being able to walk down the buscuit aisle in waitrose without having traumatic flashbacks?

gorgeous mom Ellis

Plus I guess if you are exposed to something enough then that normalises it for you Webitt wrote: ». It's a wonder any of you manage to become hetrosexual at all. Mines very salty and sweet. We played it in boarding school in the late Eighties In fact I often talk about it to people and they can't understand why I would admit to playing it, however I always like to point out that I never lost. Pisces Cloud Posts: 30, Forum Member.

sluts females Deborah

Mind you when I was in boarding school I quickly became used to seeing other males naked, and I think in later life I have less hangups over this kind of thing.