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Steven universe leaked yellow diamond

While fans are excited to see new episodes of the show, several leaked clips were released on the Internet, with the latest one hinting on Yellow Diamond's arrival on Earth. Many fans are still excitedly awaiting news about "Steven Universe" Season 2 return date, as the show went on yet another painfully long hiatus in January Back then, fans and viewers were treated with new episodes for the entire week only to be distraught upon the news of the show's hiatus.

Steven Universe Leaked Yellow Diamond

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From a theory I stated that the mysterious diamond shaped object is an escape pod. Not an escape pod exactly but some sort of ship big enough to return Peridot to Homeworld. We first notice this object from Pearl. What is it and why is it so important that Pearl is holding it?

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Steven Garnet Amethyst Pearl Stevonnie. Concept art for these des has existed since Sugar has spoken about the influence of classic musical films in the episode's writing. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. They proceed to attack him, but his own aura intensifies, and they stop attacking when they recognize the aura to be that of Pink Diamond.

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Some viewers noted that Ruby and Sapphire's gendered attire was reversed for their wedding; [1] [5] the more traditionally masculine Ruby wears a dress while Sapphire, who is usually seen with a dress, wears a suit. Hidden : Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Television episode articles with short description for multi-part episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated names s using infobox television episode with unnecessary manual displaytitle s using infobox television episode with unnecessary title parameter.

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Joe Johnston supervising Liz Artinian art. At the wedding, with Steven's friends in attendance, Ruby and Sapphire say their vows: Ruby says Sapphire allows her to see value in herself, and Sapphire explains how Ruby saved her from her destiny and opened up new possibilities. It was viewed by 0.

Did the ‘steven universe’ leaks really ruin the rest of the show?

However, he felt that the first half of the episode was stronger than the second, stating that he enjoyed Garnet's wedding, particularly Sapphire's vows. Retrieved August 21, Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on July 10, Retrieved July 9, Teen Vogue.

After "Reunited" aired, series creator Rebecca Sugar explained that the two characters were deed to be "wholesome" in response to pushback about their relationship, so that "there could only be one reason you could not show this to kids"; their relationship was also intentionally depicted in a way that would receive as little censorship as possible internationally. The episode merges many storylines developed ly in the series: the true nature of Pink Diamond's death, revealed in " A Single Pale Rose "; the crisis in Ruby and Sapphire's relationship in the aftermath of that revelation; Lapis Lazuli's departure in "Raising the Barn" earlier in the season; and the Cluster, last seen in the season three episode " Gem Drill ".

It received a Nielsen household rating of 0.

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Steven awakens outside his body in an abstract psychic plane, where he watches as Lapis is also destabilized. Retrieved August 22, July 9, Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved 28 September Broadway World. Steven Zach Callison helps everyone prepare for the ceremony, singing the song "Let's Only Think About Love", in which he uses the wedding to distract everyone, including himself, from recent traumatic events and revelations.

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During the reception, the Gem rulers Blue and Yellow Diamond arrive in their giant arm-shaped spaceships in order to awaken the Cluster, a massive geo-weapon at the planet's core consisting of thousands of Gem shards. June 18, The A. Retrieved July 6, Retrieved March 3, December 9, Created by Rebecca Sugar.

At first, he is unable to get past their auras, but eventually causes them to sense his presence.

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Greg " " Bismuth ". However, it remains in control of itself and fights Yellow's ship by arm-wrestling it. When Steven tries to step forward to explain that he has Pink Diamond's gemstone, Yellow Diamond steps on him, knocking him unconscious.

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Download as PDF Printable version. He discovers that, disembodied, he can interact with people's thoughts, and encourages his friends before attempting to speak to the Diamonds. Despite Steven's efforts, the Cluster is awakened, manifesting as a giant arm.

Steven and amethyst underwater

Steven Universe episodes. Jackie Buscarino. Entertainment Weekly rated it one of the five best episodes of any animated series of Showbuzz Daily. This episode received critical acclaim upon release, particularly regarding the quantity of important events that occurred within a single episode, including Ruby and Sapphire's wedding, Lapis Lazuli's return to Earth and officially ing the Crystal Gems, and the battle between the Gems and the Diamonds.

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She ignores Steven's attempt to explain to her that Pink Diamond was never shattered, and subdues Steven and the other Gems with her grief-inducing aura. Palmer Haasch, reviewing the episode for Polygoncalled it one of the show's "best episodes to date", praising its focus on Steven Universe ' s core themes of family, love, "and healing, wellness, and growth". Namespaces Article Talk. They kiss and fuse back into Garnet.

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Views Read Edit View history. The wedding reception interrupted by violence is a plot element borrowed from Fiddler on the Roofwhile the barn being dropped on Blue Diamond is a reference to the farmhouse dropped on the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz. Its initial American broadcast was viewed by approximately 0. Garnet is able to distract Blue Diamond long enough for Lapis Lazuli Jennifer Pazreturning from space, to drop her barn on Blue Diamond, declaring her allegiance to the Crystal Gems.

Steven reawakens with the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds standing over him in surprise, as Blue Diamond tearfully says, "It's you.

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He also claimed that although the fight scenes in the second half were slightly underwhelming, the episode set up a new era for the show. Eric Thurm of The A. Club praised the episode, giving it an A. Thurm felt that the episode was executed in a great way.

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July 6, List of episodes. This episode features the wedding of Ruby and Sapphire, their engagement in the episode " The Question " reportedly being the first same-sex engagement in a cartoon. Working together, the Crystal Gems overwhelm Blue Diamond, while the Cluster disables both ships and retreats to rest.