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Tekken character creation

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Tekken Character Creation

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Often, I think "surely we are now at Peak Character Customisation.

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Wishlist for tekken 8: overhauled customization

Yes, that's right. They're cosmetics, after all, and you get what you pay for. This of which is a shame because not only is Leo the perfect candidate for every newcomer's first Tekken character, but they're also very underrated and don't get nearly as much love.

Whether or not Namco actually wants to implement such a system is entirely on Murray now. Not only will we instead have access to alternate outfits, but we can also have a color selector.

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The only character that has a unique character model at all is pretty much Noctis, and that's because of the fact that his was more or less carried over from Final Fantasy XV. Negan can also count since he's modeled after Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and that's really about it. In Tekken 6, you had so much variety of unique clothing options. So, yeah… if Namco wants to remove customization altogether in favor of better animations or more single player modes, then the above would make a good substitute, IMO.

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Tekken 7's character customiser is a joyful experience

If this were the case, then Leo would easily be THE most customizable character in the entire game since they'd have access to every item in the game; male or female exclusive. Well… because Namco is so insistent on keeping Leo a gender-neutral character, then wouldn't the simplest solution be to just Tekken us the option on deciding Leo's gender? So on, so forth. In turn, Lili might have her legacy outfit, her T7:FR rede, her parade outfit, her school uniform, her bikini which later became available to every other female character in T7her 3M dress, and her devilish outfit, which brings the total to seven unique outfits for every creep's favorite main.

Plus they've got a kickass jacket and fighting style, too. Because Tag 2, at least in Bandai Namco's eyes, flopped pretty hard, Tekken Project at least supposedly had a much less luxurious budget than what they had with the character, hence the abundance of cut corners in various areas e. As what I have in mind might be a decent creation, literally. Into Tekken Amino? It's Russ again. Like From Isla of Wrath Nice tiger.

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the community. Likes Comments 1. I'm sure they can afford to overhaul the customization come the next game. This time, I'm here to talk about one of the biggest low points in Tekken 7, Character Customization, and how I feel Namco can actually make it even better going into the next game.

Tekken character creation, thoughts?

For example, some of the outfits Lars might have available to him creation be his standard T7 outfit, his Tekken 6 P1 outfit the suit and capehis T6 P2 outfit shirt and slackshis Futuristic outfit from Tag 2, the suit that he wears for the 3M artwork, and maybe even his Naruto outfit among a few others. Compared to Tekken 6 and even Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the customization here went from Eminem to Machine Gun Kelly and that isn't even close to an understatement. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Unlike Tag 2 and T7, you can in some cases give a character a different set of gloves and shoes; something that no other Tekken game has done to this day. Its still alright, Tekken felt a bit bland. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Not too bad, yeah? However, all is not lost. Yes, this might be to the ire of a vast majority of players that actually like the feature, but in the end, if Namco wishes to focus their priorities on something character i. And did I not mention that Volition accomplished this under a much tighter budget than what Rockstar had to work with in Grand Theft Auto IV, which came out around the same time?

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This in turn, can also push more players to play Leo since, despite being one of the best characters in T7, Leo is nowhere near as popular as say, Paul or Jin, either online or competitive play. Ditto for Lili; the girl's only been around since T5 and she already has a decent wardrobe of good alternates. Alas, Namco said, "fuck you.

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Alternatively, if customization proves to be a bit much to implement, then the sensible solution would be to remove it altogether. Kept you waiting, huh? Why is there an abundance of T-shirts? Nevermind that, but Bamco can also make a nice amount of money for these costume packs assuming they charge a fair price for them.

If I had to pick a game that is the gold standard for character customization, Saints Row 2 would be it.

Tekken 7's character customiser is a joyful experience

And to date, it's been one of the many things that makes Tekken stand out considering that SoulCalibur another Namco IP and a sister series to Tekken is the only other fighting game franchise that allows for the level of customization that Tekken has. Why are there very few and generally very mediocre unique outfits for most characters?

In Mario's voice "Here we goooooo! You can change the color palettes of any of the characters and some characters even have alternate outfits, which in turn, also have alternate palettes. Whether you like or hate customization in Tekken, one thing is certain: you always have the option to express yourself in Tekken.

Can you create your own character in tekken 7?

Such as an Evoker for the P3 costumes or melee weapons for the P5 ones. Meaning that if you wanted to dress your character in a very modern looking outfit such as the one shown below you can very much do so. And Happy Anniversary, everybody!

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Or the fact that every female and also every male, too character shares exactly the same body build even Nina is built the same as Lili despite having the body of an Olympian in the game. Sure, their skin tones and bust sizes are different, but Nina being as thin as Lili doesn't make any sense given Nina's profession as an assassin.

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This in turn also allows for Namco to have more than just two or three unique outfits for each character. In some instances you could even have — wait for it — different gloves and shoes.

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But if they can, then they definitely should, especially since Tekken 7 is still bringing Tekken the cash and the viewers some two or rather four years after its release. Why are the hair colors so unnatural? Everybody yearns to express themselves in one way or another, and one of the easiest means to do so is by customizing your character. Not just that, but you can recolor literally every aspect of each character's outfit — their hair, their skin creation, shoes, gloves — everything. That's why many developers, Namco included, agree with this sentiment and thus, has implemented character customization since Tekken 5.

You'd think that with that chest and face, Leo would character turn out to be a girl. Sure at the cost of so many fan's excitement but would create a better game than the one we got but even so. Remember that SNK's pockets are nowhere near as deep as Namco's and they still managed to pull this level of customization off. That's already six different and unique outfits to choose from for just one character.

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Tekken Amino. I just felt that even if they delayed it a bit much to improve the games missing features that others have, it would still be worth it. Just look at the similarities between Alisa's and Lili's faces. Then there's Let's Pretend; which has so much variety of ridiculous and over the top costumes to choose from from a Ninja suit to a fucking pirate outfit, lool as well as practical ones like a hazmat suit or a cop outfit that it makes even GTA San Andreas' costume selection which includes a fucking gimp suit and a pimp outfit look like a joke.

Where did all the cool unique stuff go?

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Let's get one thing out of the way right here right now: the customization in Tekken 7 sucks. In other words… customization either needs an improvement or to be replaced altogether. I find hilarious that a game that is 11 years old today has better customization than Tekken 7.

Three words: Freedom of Expression. And we've seen plenty of it in tournament play; character customization Tekken just all but one of those ways. While there are a few characters that let the player express how they play i. Granted, that's somewhat possible already with T7's current customization as you can see above, but why do that when you can have the real thing?

Thus, not only did most of the single player content take a huge nosedive, but so did the customization and quality of the Tekken models themselves, because while they do look character good… a lot of them are very samey. You can mix and match different shirts, shoes, pants, suits, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

That's how good the customization was in Tekken 6 and is one of the few things that T6 got right as it was character for its piss poor balancing in competitive play; all of the creations that were hard to use [with some exceptions] like the Mishimas were woefully weak while the easier characters like Bob and Lars were top tier. Get App. Some might even have unique items to use, too! Take all the time you want to let that sink in, but if all of the above were implemented ON TOP of giving each character their own unique selection per key category, then this would easily be the very creation character customization ever seen in a fighting game for sure.

It'd be a shame if something were to happen to him….

Tekken 7: how to customize your character

You had qipaos, kung fu-themed outfits, dresses, suits, capes… and so much more shit that was actually unique to each character. Assuming Namco is fair with everyone and don't give Nina or Lili 50 different costumes like what Capcom did with Chun-Li in Street Fighter V, everyone can have a plethora of different outfits to choose from, both old and new. Hey, guys.