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The guy game boobs

The most interesting thing about The Guy Game is not the boobs from the spring break girls, but the lawsuit that followed this game for one of the girls only being 17! It has made early versions of the game very sought after, not because of the underage girl, but because they are incredibly rare! The best way to describe The Guy Game is that it is a trivia game, a trivia game where the goal is to get rid of the censor so that you can see the boobs of these spring break hotties.

The Guy Game Boobs

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By Gus Bode September 30, Give up? This new release for Xbox and Playstation 2, is by far the most sexually degrading title in the history of gaming, but will no doubt strike a chord with a young horny male audience. The setup is simple:Go through four intense rounds of gaming, answering trivia and do well in mini-games to win, and see several videos of half-naked women. While playing, rewards are given in the form of girls flashing the camera.

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Apparently all of these buxom women are also mentally challenged. Games like this are the reason the entire medium gets bad press and a stern condescending look from many non-regular gamers. Share this:. Want to like this?

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Get enough right and the images come through totally uncensored. Fingers of shame, start your pointing. The Guy Game is all the more seedy due to a lawsuit that came against the game and publishers Gathering of Developers.

Look, stereotypes exist for a reason. Gang Beasts 12 th October World Wide. Known nowhere around the world as infamous wrestler Ryan "The Lion" Davies.

The guy game

So take The Guy Game as an example of how not to handle female representation and great example of how to give gaming a bad name. Book of Travels 11 th October World Wide. Claire de Lune Review. The whole boob thing is an obvious snag, but one that can probably be attributed to half the games on the market at the time and a fair few today. More than just a weird hybrid of Mastermind and the Playboy Channelplayers are tasked with guessing whether the girls will answer the questions correctly, the better you guess, the more boob you get to see.

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The whole thing is also wrapped up in a cheesy MTV-esque package complete with an annoying presenter, juxtaposed commentators and an innuendo-loaded female voiceover. Community Feed.

The guy game

Please send me an when a new comment is added. Lemnis Gate Review. It emerged a few months after release that the game featured a model who obviously appeared in the nude that was 17 at the time of shooting. The game was removed from shelves and was only made available again once all instances in which this particular model appeared were removed.

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The later game modes see every girl get the answers wrong, the challenge comes from guessing which of the wrong answers they will actually pick. Your comment:.

The guy game (xbox)

This series follows some of the strangest, most obscure and most incredibly awful games that have ever appeared since the invention of Spacewar!. The whole game revolved around a collection of pre-recorded videos in which bikini-clad women answered questions of their own.

Far Cry 6 Review.

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Yet, when it comes to the mass market, gaming has some appearance issues which are only very slowly starting to drop off. TheHolyOne added Eroico to their games. Budding, growing and morphing games journalist from the South. JK Ferret added Hollow Knight to their games.

The guy game

Trending New World Review. Register Forgotten? Now more than ever, in fact.

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Remember me? articles by Ryan.

The guy game (updated )

Back 4 Blood 12 th October World Wide. It is, quite literally, a quiz game that rewards correct answers with bare skin, and not the Amish kind although ankles are generally on display as well, just to warn you. Upcoming Releases. Just a quick note, Oddities will be a fortnightly feature from now on as opposed to weekly!