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The repopulation reddit

As the title says, I am looking for some info on the repopulation.

The Repopulation Reddit

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As the title says, saw 'The Repopulation' on early access on steam. Game looks pretty cool, reminds me alot of SWG and apparently alot of people compare it to that in a good way. Yeah it reminds me alot of SWG, sort of like a spiritual successor.

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Missions, hunting, taming pets to sell, crafting vehicles or medicine, exploring, harvesting resources, it's a long list. I will also warn you that the game is meant to be a spiritual successor to SWG, not a literal sequel.

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I recently just ed the game and am very eager to get going with it. Plenty of it feels familiar but it's still a different game in the end.

Devs sold repopulation. scammed people and now selling fragmented.

Right now its still in development and you have to pay to get in. You will always see an influx during early access because players are fickle. When it launches it will be f2p so as long as it doesn't totally suck then the population should be fine.

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Even with more marketing andI feel, that the game will cater to a niche market. Due to that nature it can scare players away because they're more used to quests telling them to go places rather than figuring it out themselves.

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For me, I'm tired of themepark MMOs that drag you along for the ride rather than giving you the tools and the world to do what you like. That's why you won't see people arguing about it.

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More posts from the TheRepopulation community. The more hardcore players are the ones who burn out and disappear for lengths at a time. And do you think it will succeed as an MMO? Considering those forum dwellers are basing their theories on a game that isn't even in beta, take it with a grain of salt.

The repopulation

I bought in did my stint in the alpha. Basically what I'm asking is how is the community in this game really? When I was younger I played star wars galaxies but never fully appreciated the game for what it was, I just thought it was cool because it was 'Star Wars'. That being said, there is a community that already exists and it's steadily growing as those who are interested in testing the game stick around. Found the internet!

The repopulation's new crafting attribute system detailed

Likewise the game has a learning curve at the moment that does chase away new players who are not willing to ask and patiently wait for help. Posted by 6 years ago. A new game will launch and they're gone for a few months, or they find a bug that ruins what they wanted to do and thus they bitch and moan about the game, or they simply realize the game has a ways to go and play it casually. Created Jun 28, Top posts april 30th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

Now that I'm older and SWG is gone I was searching for something that was similar to it so I could really see what it had to offer. Now that I've found I'm worried because of what others were saying.

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We'll only know the size of the community and it's potential once the game launches. The Repopulation is a whole new game. Get SWG Emulator if you want to know what it had to offer.

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In the end you simply have to ask yourself if you feel it's worth it. I read a few posts on some forums of people saying that this community will never be big enough for the social aspect of the game to be fully realized, while I sincerely hope this isn't the case nobody really argued with those people. Currently the game population is low because of development and lack of features, which will be added in at a later time.

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The Population of The Repopulation. Plenty would argue that is the case with all MMOs but it's simply not true. I like what it has to offer, Im just waiting for it to go live :. Sort by: best.