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Wendys mom gravity falls

Tags: gravity-falls, mystery-shack, wendy-corduroy. Tags: bill-cipher, gravity, falls, dipper, mabel. Tags: wendy-corduroy, bill-cipher, mabel, soos-ramirez, dipper.

Wendys Mom Gravity Falls

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Wendy and Dipper find and old drive-in cinema with a locked cabinet inside the projector room…. One summer the two decided to put their passion for old cheesy movies the worst they could find la la la to action and try to refurbish and old drive in cinema. It worked for exactly one night, because the projector was haunted. Dipper Pines has seen a lot of strange things around Gravity Falls: ancient buildings, communes of magical creatures, tasty fat-free food, you name it. And yet, on occasions like these, despite his years of expertise, he was still stumped by his findings.

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Top 22 TV Episodes Spoilers. We then see a cut to a close up of Stan, with Wendy suddenly in the background.

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When the wheel is destroyed by Bill, Soos is to the right of Dipper and Mabel but when the camera shows a close-up of them, Soos is behind them. Then when Pacifica's hair is on fire, she is next to Robbie.

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In. Showing all 9 items. Clear your history.

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In the first scene of Dipper and Mabel's birthday, Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Candy, Grenda and Waddles are seen standing around them, but when Mabel thanks everyone for throwing them the party, the people behind her and Dipper have disappeared. Before Bill destroys the circle, Ford is to the left of Stan, but when the camera jumps to an overview they have switched places.

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Character error When Ford asks if anyone had a pen or pencil to make the Bill Cipher Wheel, he had a pen in his pocket the whole time. Is this interesting?

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Jump to: Character error 3 Continuity 6. However, her mom and dad never appear during the close-ups the news shows.

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Gravity Falls Episodes Ranked. In some scenes of the Zodiac, the chosen peoples' hair and clothes are blowing; in other scenes they're not. Edit .

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Top Gap. Create a list ». See all related lists ».

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Before Bill destroys the Zodiac wheel, Pacifica and Soos can be seen behind Stan and Ford, but when the camera shifts to the circle as it is burned, Mabel and Robbie are behind them and Pacifica is with McGucket. When Bill is confronting everyone before he destroys the Zodiac, the wheel is missing from the floor.

Top 30 TV Episodes of assorted shows.

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