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Will smiths butt

Making a statement! Will Smith documented his colonoscopy in a video he shared on Instagram on Wednesday, November 6, in an effort to showcase the importance of getting the procedure. The video begins with Smith, 51, filming himself looking unenthusiastic before the examination.

Will Smiths Butt

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WILL Smith filmed his colonoscopy appointment and flashed his bum on Instagram as he vowed to "get serious" about his health. The year-old star joked he only showed off his bottom for social media "clout" as he edges towards 50million followers. In a brief teaser clip posted on Instagram, Will showed off his surgical socks and hospital gown as he nervously prepared for the procedure. He matter-of-factly explained: "These are my little no-slip socks, that's my gown, it opens in the back. In his bio, Will shared a link to a minute long video that shared more information from before and after the procedure, which detects early s of cancer.

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He filmed the entire thing, from the initial consultation to the procedure itself to the aftermath, and edited it together for a minute vlog.

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And there I was avoiding doing mine last week. You just gotta do it, man. My a— gonna be out.

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View this post on Instagram. Will Smith is 51 years-old now, so he did what everyone is supposed to do at that age: get a colonoscopy.

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He posted a short preview of the full video on Instagram. But this is hilarious," Amber Riley said. It's the closest thing to performing onstage because of the immediate feedback. Start the Conversation.

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Scared s—less. The Aladdin actor decided to document the whole procedure to raise awareness for the importance of having one done. Much love," another fan said.

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Ikechukwu Onunaku wrote, "Damn. In non-colonoscopy news, it was revealed last month that Smith is involved in a spinoff of Fresh Prince of Bel Airthe NBC '90s hit that jump-started his extremely successful acting career.

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The comments lit up immediately with reactions. I want to be able to see my kidos sic get married some day.

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