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Winx club boyfriends

He ran away from his kingdom to see what she was like, but was caught and mistaken for an enemy at first. If the date will be nicer than this

Winx Club Boyfriends

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Starting out acting from a young age, she was only nine when her first appearance is recorded on IMDb. She is the second girl of the club to be introduced, the first being Bloom. She was sent to Alfea to become a stronger fairy, but this did not mean so much to her, though she did effectively become a fully accomplished fairy and a powerful one by fighting the first three season villains with the Winx. You can still leave comments, but I won't respond to them as often. Stella later breaks Cassandra's hold on her father by storming in their wedding ceremony, thus freeing her kingdom and regaining her rightful place as the Princess of Solaria.

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Plus why would you mention a cousin instead on your Brother, Sam? What do you think? A character can get away with being a copy of another if they date them. But even that was more personality than Roy showed in two seasons, and it gave Nex something to work with as a character, which would in turn develop him as a person.

Who is icy?who is darcy?who is stormy?does icy have boyfriend?if yes who is he?does darcy have a boyfriend?if yes,who is he?does stormy have a boyfriend?if yes,who is he?who isdarcy's x-boyfriend?

That said, I feel like there were good ideas in them. Plus, they actually have had good relationship development — not in every season, but at least a few better moments. Maybe, but I might do something different. I mean it is Stella so…. Did you know Brandon loves engines and is an excellent climber? Another side effect of the guys being flat characters is their relationships are one-sided. You already know my feelings about Aisha and her love interests.

It came out One Day before my 19th Birthday so me and my Sister say down to watch it as a special treat to me. Hmmm…that works. Not even once. But no one needs them more than Nex, and the best use for them is revealing his backstory. Anyways they are a few good things in that Show but not that many so yeah.

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Except Sky. The guy with the most wasted potential is Helia. Oh, please. Let me put it another way: how often have the guys looked to the Winx for encouragement, comfort, or advice?

Winx club boyfriends

I have a few ideas already, especially for Flora and Helia. I have a cousin called Flora. Winx Club has always had plot holes, characters who were obviously there to sell products like the Pixiespoor relationship development for the couples with Tecna and Timmy being the standoutsand too much focus on Bloom though it made more sense back then. If it was never mentioned in the show, is it really canon? Why not? Hardly ever. I almost laughed at one moment because it was really over the top.

Can he forgive her? I know you said you never watch that show, but those are things for you to consider. They dealt with it maturely and got back in sync. More double standards, I guess. That would be so much cooler for Fate right?

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Anyways I got on a tangition, I need to learn to better express my ideas. His character and his love story with Aisha were deed for maximum audience heartbreak Winx and boy, did the writers succeed! I mean who ever said that only Bloom and Roxy came from Earth? I wanna see boyfriend relationship development in a story, and like I said earlier, Winx Club has never had it except for Tecna and Timmy, who are the best couple overall. It started to click with me what Rainbow was doing with him and Aisha, and I fell in love with them as a couple. See it just makes much sense and still has that Fake Out Moment!

Is she still alive? What does it make you think of? Where is she? As I said in the rewrite intro, I have a backstory for Nex club. Anyways, I have always head-cannon about Riven.

Winx club boyfriends

The funny thing is Aisha is the same way, but in different circumstances…which is why they clash sometimes. The fans saying he acted like a jerk because of his mother are just treating his WinxClub. Plus Musa says to Riven that she just to be a Dancer. By that, I mean he would have gained nothing as a person or as a character from dating her.

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As for the Specialists asking the Winx to help? The rest of his story has revolved around Sky. Some Winx fans think Brandon is an orphan, and the royal family took him in. I think that only ever happened while Tecna was MIA with Sky giving a call about how to make Timmy stop his Wizard of Oz schtik in the emotions department…Flora might have been the one to get that one out.

Who is she? Plus, the story was boring, and so were the new characters: Roy, Tritannus, Nereus, the Guardians of Sirenix, etc. Nex and Timmy are the only guys we know nothing about — only their interests and personalities. We know where a few of them are from Eraklyon, Andros, and Lynpheaand we know their interests and abilities. His profile on WinxClub. Even season one is hard to sit through now because the animation has definitely aged. They Winx it, too. Sorry, Timmy. They really just exist to be their one fans and nothing else. Because these guys are so flat and shallowwe identify them only by their personality traits: nerdy, cocky, poetic, flirty, wise, etc.

What does that mean figuratively? And she nervously playing with her fingers, she was so adorable back then says it the natitional dish of Callisto, sort-of? How often have the Winx needed to support their boyfriends? I think Rainbow overloaded Nabu boyfriend positive traits and made him a relationship expert at only 20 years old because they planned to kill him off all club.

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I already said it: he was boring. But you are right that this has never been brought up in the show. So where is he from?

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Accept your fate. Did you know Helia lives at Redfountain — with Saladin? Learn how your comment data is processed. Strictly going off of the show, however, he was just being an a-hole for no reason.

Fixing the flats: fleshing out the winx’s love interests

Granted, my brother, who used to watch the show, called all the guys Ken dolls. Yet two episodes later, after meeting Flora, he was back in his Specialist uniform like it was just another Thursday. Somehow, and despite their age, the winx appears to be really immature in their relationships. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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The two sides left after an argument and -oh surprise! So the Winx have had few opportunities to be there for their boyfriends the way their boyfriends are there for them! On the flip side, I hated season five because there was so much repetition: the same setting ocean, ocean, and more ocean and usually the same enemies in each one either Tritannus, the Trix, or the mutants.

Winx couples!

Brandon was intended to pick up his flirtatious behavior from Sky, and once again it landed him into trouble…so the present question is…when it comes to his fiancee does that make things better or worse? Honestly, season five is the only season I have no interest in watching again.

Well, think about it.