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Yakuza 4 rio

Noa is a hostess at club Jewel. Can only be requested by Akiyama. A Yakuza 4 Guide Version 1 interested with the dating sims and minigames involving massage.

Yakuza 4 Rio

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Age: 29
Music: Easy listening
Smoker: Yes

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Another Kansai girl, Aihara is described as being both "wound-up" and "womanly".

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Her favorite video game is Puyo Puyo. She's chatty and considers her life work to be hostess.

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Shizuka is a 29 year-old classic Japanese beauty. The A. By Brian Ashcraft.

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Her hobby is music and she likes chocolate. here. Meet The Hostesses of Yakuza 4! Her blood type is 0.

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This 24 year-old hails from Japan's Kansai region. She is both gaudy and mature. What is it with japanese games and their fans that think the bloody blood type geddit?

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She's not a heavy drinker. She loves perfume, and her blood type is O. The Kyoto-native has been appearing on television — Take Me Outfor example. She is 23 years-old, half Japanese.

Yakuza 4 hostesses

Her hobbies include going to hot springs and collecting perfume. In real life, she is a half-Brazilian porn star.

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SEGA held an open casting call, and a horde of young Japanese women auditioned for the part of in-game Yakuza 4 hostess. Her blood type is B. Mizutani has worked as a "race queen" think booth babe for racing in the past and is currently modeling. So if you are going to meet them, here's your chance! She likes sweet things, but dislikes spicy things. The finalists appeared in the title and given in-game counterparts.

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Chihiro seems like an upbeat young lady. Her blood type is A. Blood type, the Japanese believe, denotes personality. For various circumstances, she has entered the world of hostessing.

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Let's see how the Yakuza 4 versions compare with their real-life counterparts. Shop at Kinja Deals.

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Friendly and 21 years-old, Mizutani loves fried food, but hates vegetables. This 20 year-old college student is moving into womanhood.

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In real life, Mori is a model for Japanese girls' fashion mag Jelly. Her blood type is O. In real life, Himeka works at Osaka hostess bar Zoo in the city's Higashishinsaibashi district.

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Mori is 24 year-old, and her blood type is A. She likes the nightlife and chocolate.